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What is the Difference Between 30″ and 1′ of Eccentricity for Cemented Lens?

cemented lens eccentricity

The eccentricity of a cemented lens refers to the misalignment between the optical axis and the geometric center axis of the lens. The amount of eccentricity is usually expressed in angles, such as 30 seconds (30″) or 1 minute (1′). The main difference between the two lies in their impact on the performance of the optical system.

Difference between 30" and 1' Eccentricity

Angular Difference:

  • 30 seconds (30″) is equivalent to 0.5 minutes (0.5′).
  • 1 minute (1′) is 60 seconds (60″).

Impact on Aberrations:

  • A lens with 30″ eccentricity has a smaller deviation of the optical axis compared to a lens with 1′ eccentricity, thus causing fewer aberrations. These aberrations include spherical aberrations and chromatic aberrations of the axis.
  • A lens with 1′ eccentricity causes more significant aberrations, affecting image quality. For example, spherical aberrations and chromatic aberrations of the axis are more pronounced, leading to more severe image distortion.

Manufacturing and Testing Difficulty:

  • Manufacturing lenses with 30″ eccentricity requires higher processing precision and strict quality control. It necessitates precise alignment of the optical axes of individual lenses during the gluing process and the use of high-precision measuring instruments during testing.
  • Lenses with 1′ eccentricity are relatively easier to manufacture, but still require a certain level of precision to meet the requirements of the optical system.

Application Scenarios:

  • Lenses with 30″ eccentricity are typically used in high-precision optical systems, such as microscopes and astronomical telescopes, which require extremely high image quality and low aberrations.
  • Lenses with 1′ eccentricity may be used in general optical systems, such as standard camera lenses and projectors, where the requirements for image quality are relatively lower.


Lenses with 30″ and 1′ eccentricity exhibit significant differences in optical performance and manufacturing difficulty. Lenses with 30″ eccentricity require higher manufacturing precision and stricter quality control to ensure high performance and low aberrations in optical systems. Although lenses with 1′ eccentricity are slightly easier to manufacture, they still need to ensure a certain level of precision to meet the basic requirements of optical systems.

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