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Precision Lapping and Polishing Services

At Chineselens Optics we have perfected precision lapping and polishing hence can handle any type of material ranging from hard ceramics or sapphire to soft optical glasses or fused silica. With state-of-art technology such as double sided planetary machines that enable us do large scale production with consistent quality.

In order to achieve the desired surface finish, dimension and shape on different materials, there is need for lapping and polishing which are key processes. They both use abrasive and carrier but the difference between them lies in the amount of material removed as well as final appearance of workpiece. More material is taken away during lapping resulting into matt finish while polishing takes off least amount thereby giving bright reflective surfaces.

Precision Polishing

  • Superior Surface Quality: Our surface finishes are exceptional starting from 40/20 up to 80/50 which suits various optical applications.
  • Wide Range Expertise: Different kinds of materials like optical glass, fused quartz, silicon, germanium among others are within our specialization scope.
  • Tailor Made Sizes: Depending on your needs we can polish items measuring between 3mm – 300mm diameter by 0.5mm – 25mm thick.
  • Laser Flatness: Our single side machines have capabilities for achieving flatness up to lambda10 which is typical for highly demanding applications.
  • Edge Work: Windows’ edges as well squares can be polished according to required standards knowledgeably by our professionals.
  • Bulk Orders Processing: For large volume jobs we offer batch processing at competitive rates so you don’t have worry about cost implications here!
  • Use Your Own Lenses: Alongside what we already stock feel free bring yours too they will receive equal attention during this process.

Typical Polishing Applications:

  • Re-polishing damaged surfaces
  • Round/square edge polishing
  • Flame polish rods/tubes
  • Optical polish light guides
  • Glass-metal assemblies

Precision Lapping

  • Material Adaptability: Optical glasses, metals alloys even ferrites are some of the materials that can be subjected to lapping here.
  • Safe Procedure: Irrespective component size double sided planetary machines are able handle them without putting any stress on their structure hence no need worry about integrity being compromised.
  • Dimensional Precision: Tightest tolerances are observed which ensures best fit of parts leading to good performance levels.
  • Diffused Finishings: If necessary for specific optical requirements diffused surfaces can be made with different finishes ranging from 5-100 microns.
  • High Production Capacity: Large quantities components pass through our lapping department efficiently thus saving time while attaining desired results at end.

At Chineselens Optics we have what it takes when comes providing top notch precision lapping and polishing services. With such knowledge base, advanced technology machinery coupled with quality consciousness; there is no doubt that your optical device will come out perfect in terms of its appearance and functionality.

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