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Microlens arrays Manufacturer In China

Are you looking for microlens arrays, which can be used to collect and focus light onto a specific location, making them ideal for a wide range of applications? Our microlens arrays are made using advanced manufacturing techniques and can be customized to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more and to discuss how our microlens arrays can help you achieve your goals.

Microlens Array Category

Microlens is a common micro-optical element. By designing microlens, the incident light can be diffused, beam shaping, light distribution, optical focusing, and other modulation, and then realize many special functions that are difficult to achieve by traditional optical elements.
According to the apparent shape of the microlens, it can be divided into circular aperture microlens, rectangular aperture microlens, hexagonal aperture microlens, and a concave subunit microlens array.

Based on Shape

Planar Microlens Arrays: These are more common, with each sub-lens having parallel optical axes. They are used in light field cameras and some CCD sensors.

Curved Microlens Arrays: The compound eye structure of insects is a typical example of a curved microlens array, which has advantages such as a wide viewing angle and high resolution.

Based on Light Principles

Refractive Microlens Arrays: Sub-lenses with smooth and continuous surfaces are usually refractive microlens arrays, which are widely used in imaging displays, beam collimation, optical interconnection, and micro scanning.

Diffractive Microlens Arrays: Those with embossed surface structures are often diffractive microlens arrays, which are used in image recognition and processing, electro-optical detectors, and spatial optics.

round microlens array

Subunit Round

square microlens array

Subunit Square

hexagonal microlens array

Subunit Hexagonal

concave microlens array

Subunit Concave

custom microlens array

Custom Microlens Array From Chineselens

Custom microlens arrays are optical devices consisting of small lenses arranged in a specific pattern. They can be used to focus, redirect, or manipulate light and are used in a variety of applications, including imaging, sensing, and display technologies. Custom microlens arrays can be made from different materials and can be tailored to meet specific performance requirements. They are commonly used in areas such as microscopy, optoelectronics, and biotechnology and have the potential to enable new technologies and applications.

microlens array manufacturing

Manufacturing of Microlens Arrays

The manufacturing process of microlens arrays is a complex one, requiring precision and advanced technology. There are several methods currently used to manufacture these arrays, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Photoresist Melting Technology: This technique involves applying a photoresist to a substrate and then exposing it to a pattern of light. The exposed areas of the photoresist become soluble and can be washed away, leaving behind a pattern of lenses. The remaining photoresist is then heated until it melts, forming the final lens shape. This method is relatively simple and low-cost, but it may not produce lenses with the highest quality or precision.

  2. Reactive Ion Etching Technology: This method uses a process called reactive ion etching (RIE) to create the lens shapes. In RIE, a gas is ionized and then directed at the substrate. The ions react with the material on the substrate, selectively etching away areas to form the lens shapes. This method can produce high-quality lenses with precise shapes, but it is more complex and costly than other methods.

  3. Microjet Printing Technology: This technique uses a high-precision printer to deposit droplets of material onto a substrate, forming the lens shapes. The material is then cured to harden it. This method can produce lenses with a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the quality and precision of the lenses may be lower than with other methods.

  4. Laser Direct Writing Technology: This method uses a laser to selectively harden a photosensitive material on a substrate, forming the lens shapes. This method can produce high-quality lenses with precise shapes, but it is more complex and costly than other methods

  5. Electrowetting Forming Technology: This technique uses a process called electrowetting to form the lens shapes. In electrowetting, a voltage is applied to a droplet of liquid on a substrate, changing its shape. The liquid is then hardened to form the lens. This method can produce lenses with a wide range of shapes and sizes, but the quality and precision of the lenses may be lower than with other methods.

  6. Nanoimprint Technology: This method involves pressing a mold with the desired lens pattern into a substrate, forming the lens shapes. The substrate is then hardened to preserve the lens shapes. This method can produce high-quality lenses with precise shapes, but it requires a mold with the desired lens pattern, which can be costly to produce.

Applications of Planar Microlens Arrays

Microlens arrays have basic functions such as focusing and imaging, and also have the characteristics of small unit size and high integration. They can complete functions that traditional optical components cannot, and are the core devices of many new optical systems.

  1. Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensing: This is a method of measuring the aberrations in an optical wavefront. It uses a microlens array to divide the incoming wavefront into a grid of smaller sections, each of which is focused onto a CCD sensor. The position of the focal spot for each lenslet gives information about the local slope of the wavefront, and this information can be used to reconstruct the entire wavefront.

  2. Infrared Focal Plane Detection or CCD Array Light Concentration: Microlens arrays can be used to focus light onto a CCD sensor, increasing its sensitivity. This is particularly useful in infrared detection systems, where the available light is often very weak.

  3. Laser Array Scanning: In this application, a microlens array is used to split a laser beam into multiple smaller beams, which can then be scanned across a target. This is useful in applications such as laser printing, where it allows for high-speed, high-resolution printing.

  4. Laser Display: Microlens arrays can be used in laser displays to split a laser beam into multiple smaller beams, each of which can be modulated independently to create a high-resolution image.

  5. Fiber Coupling: Microlens arrays can be used to couple light into optical fibers. Each lenslet focuses light into a separate fiber, allowing for high-speed, high-capacity data transmission.

  6. Beam Homogenization and Shaping: Microlens arrays can be used to transform a non-uniform laser beam into a uniform one, or to shape a laser beam into a specific profile. This is useful in applications such as laser machining, where a uniform, well-shaped beam can improve the quality of the machining process.

Why choose our microlens arrays?

High optical performance

Microlens arrays may offer superior optical performance compared to other options, such as improved resolution, reduced distortion, or enhanced contrast.

Compact size

Microlens arrays are often smaller in size compared to other optical components, which can be beneficial in applications where space is limited.

High manufacturing accuracy

Quality microlens arrays are typically produced with high manufacturing accuracy, which can help to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Cost effectiveness

Depending on the specific application, microlens arrays may be a more cost-effective solution compared to other options.


Many microlens arrays can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as specific focal lengths or shapes.

Wide range of applications

Microlens arrays can be used in a wide range of applications, including imaging, projection, and optical communication systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

A microlens array is a two-dimensional arrangement of small lenses, typically with a pitch (distance between adjacent lenses) of a few hundred micrometers or less. These lenses are used to focus light onto a detector or to collimate light from a source.

A microlens array works by refracting light in a way that creates a focused image on a detector or collimated light from a source. The microlenses are designed to have a specific focal length, which determines how much the light is refracted and how the image is formed.

There are several benefits to using a microlens array:

  • Improved light collection efficiency: A microlens array can improve the light collection efficiency of a detector or imaging system by focusing more light onto the detector.
  • Increased spatial resolution: A microlens array can also increase the spatial resolution of an imaging system by allowing more pixels to be packed onto a detector.
  • Enhanced contrast: In some applications, using a microlens array can also improve the contrast of an image by reducing the amount of stray light that reaches the detector.

Microlens arrays are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Cameras and imaging systems: Microlens arrays are commonly used in cameras and imaging systems to improve the light collection efficiency and spatial resolution of the system.
  • Optical sensors: Microlens arrays are also used in various types of optical sensors, including those used in biometric identification systems, motion detection systems, and 3D sensing systems.
  • Projection displays: Microlens arrays are used in some projection displays to collimate the light from the display and create a focused image on a screen.

There are several methods for manufacturing microlens arrays, including:

  • Photolithography: In this process, a mask is used to pattern a photoresist material on a substrate, which is then developed to create the microlens array.
  • Replication: Microlens arrays can also be manufactured by replicating a master lens array using a molding process.
  • Direct write: In this method, a microlens array is created by writing directly onto a substrate using a focused beam of light or electrons.

Yes, there are several types of microlens arrays, including spherical microlens arrays, aspherical microlens arrays, and gradient index microlens arrays. Spherical microlens arrays are made from lenses with a spherical surface, while aspherical microlens arrays are made from lenses with an aspherical surface. Gradient index microlens arrays are made from lenses with a refractive index that varies across the lens surface.


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Microlens array standards

microlens stadards
microlens description
Item NO.SubunitPitch/μmF/mmSize/mmThickness/mmCoating
GLA-S10-F0.02Square100.0210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S15-F0.05Square150.0510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S15.4-F0.086Square15.40.0868.5 ×8.41.00 N/A
GLA-S15.4-F0.086Square15.40.0868.5 ×8.41.00 N/A
GLA-S20-F0.05Square200.0510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S25-F0.06Square250.0610 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S25-F0.04Square250.0442 × 171.00 N/A
GLA-S26.7-F0.2Square26.70.223.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.08Square320.0810 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.08Square320.0814 × 112.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.08Square320.0823 × 162.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.08Square320.0832 ×252.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.16Square320.1610 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S32-F0.08Square320.088 ×81.00 N/A
GLA-S40-F0.15Square400.1512 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S40-F0.24Square400.2412 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S40-F0.219Square400.21913 × 131.00 N/A
GLA-S40-F0.4Square400.412 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S40-F0.6Square400.630 × 301.00 N/A
GLA-S50-F0.3Square500.310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S64-F0.45Square640.4512 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S64-F1.92Square641.9212 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S66-F1Square66120 × 151.00 N/A
GLA-S70-F0.19Square700.1915 × 150.60 AR
GLA-S75-F6.3Square756.311 ×81.00 N/A
GLA-S98-F3Square98335 × 352.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F0.5Square1000.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F0.5Square1000.510 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S100-F0.5Square1000.5Φ43.01.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F0.5Square1000.525 × 151.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F0.62Square1000.6228 ×201.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F0.3Square1000.310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F11.71Square10011.7110 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F1Square100110 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F1Square100110 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S100-F3Square100310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F3Square100310 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S100-F4Square100410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F5Square100510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F5Square100522.5 × 22.52.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F5Square100522.5 × 22.52.00 AR
GLA-S100-F3Square100340 ×402.00 N/A
GLA-S100-F1Square100140 ×402.00 N/A
GLA-S102-F2.6Square1022.620 ×202.00 AR
GLA-S108-F3Square108310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S108-F3Square108312 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S108-F3Square108345 ×301.00 N/A
GLA-S108-F3.5Square1083.536 ×242.00 N/A
GLA-S108-F5Square108510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S110-F6.05Square1106.05Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S114.7-F5.68Square114.75.6820 ×202.00 N/A
GLA-S120-F2.4Square1202.412 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S120-F1.2Square1201.212 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S120-F0.84Square1200.8412 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S125-F1.25Square1251.2510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S125-F4Square1254Φ15.002.00 N/A
GLA-S127-F1.27Square1271.2710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S132-F5.6Square1325.620 × 152.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F3Square150310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F1.6Square1501.610 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F1.5Square1501.5Φ12.71.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F1.5Square1501.5Φ12.71.00 AR
GLA-S150-F3.5Square1503.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F3.5Square1503.510 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S150-F10Square1501022.5 × 22.52.00 N/A
GLA-S150-F10Square1501022.5 × 22.52.00 AR
GLA-S188-F8Square1888Φ252.00 AR
GLA-S198-F11Square19811Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S198-F15Square19815Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S200-F8Square20088 ×81.00 N/A
GLA-S200-F8Square200810 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S200-F7.9Square2007.9Φ201.00 N/A
GLA-S200-F16Square20016Φ14.002.00 N/A
GLA-S200-F10Square2001012 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S200-F4Square200410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S208-F5.3Square2085.318 × 182.00 N/A
GLA-S214.5-F7Square214.5713 × 131.00 N/A
GLA-S214.5-F10Square214.51013 × 131.00 N/A
GLA-S220-F4Square2204Φ16.002.00 N/A
GLA-S236.8-F7Square236.8710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S240-F5.7Square2405.710 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S240-F5.7Square2405.710 × 102.00 AR
GLA-S240-F5.7Square2405.710 × 102.00 AR
GLA-S250-F5Square250510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F5Square2505Φ100.001.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F5Square250510 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F10Square2501010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F10Square25010Φ15.002.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F6Square250610 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F6Square250612 × 121.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F2.5Square2502.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S250-F3Square250335 ×352.00 N/A
GLA-S264-F8.5Square2648.5Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S264-F9Square2649Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S264-F11.5Square26411.5Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S264-F18Square26418Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S300-F5Square300510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F1.62Square3001.6223 ×231.00 AR
GLA-S300-F14.6Square30014.610 × 101.20 AR
GLA-S300-F1.6Square3001.616 × 161.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F5Square30055.5 × 5.51.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F5Square30057.5 ×7.51.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F5Square300515 × 151.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F4.29Square3004.2926 ×261.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F5Square300510 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F10Square3001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F10Square3001010 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F20Square3002022.5 × 22.52.00 N/A
GLA-S300-F20Square3002022.5 × 22.52.00 AR
GLA-S300-F30Square3003010 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S302.5-F11Square302.511Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S302.5-F14.5Square302.514.5Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S302.5-F15Square302.515Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S302.5-F22Square302.522Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S310-F10Square3101010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F10Square3101010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F10Square3101010 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S310-F10Square3101025 ×251.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F10Square3101010 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F7Square310710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F7Square310710 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S310-F12Square3101210 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S319-F13Square31913Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S319-F16Square31916Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S319-F25.5Square31925.5Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S335.5-F13.5Square335.513.5Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S335.5-F18Square335.518Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S350-F10Square3501013 × 131.00 N/A
GLA-S352-F10Square35210Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S352-F20Square35220Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S352-F30Square35230Φ25.401.00 AR
GLA-S360-F14Square3601410 × 101.20 AR
GLA-S360-F7.16Square3607.16Φ151.00 N/A
GLA-S380-F6Square380610 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S400-F10Square4001014 × 142.00 N/A
GLA-S400-F30Square40030Φ301.00 N/A
GLA-S467-F25Square4672515 × 152.00 N/A
GLA-S467-F34Square4673415 × 152.00 N/A
GLA-S498-F7.5Square4987.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S498-F30Square4983010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F20Square5002010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F20Square500207 ×71.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F12Square5001210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F15Square5001515 × 152.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F50Square5005035 ×352.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F30Square5003025.4 × 25.42.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F30Square50030Φ506.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F40Square5004040 ×81.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F35Square5003512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F50Square5005010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F50Square5005015 × 152.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F15Square5001510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S500-F15Square5001510 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S550-F35Square5503512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S550-F35Square5503512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S586-F14Square5861410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S597-F49.9Square59749.910 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S597-F18Square5971810 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S597-F49.9Square59749.9Φ15.002.00 N/A
GLA-S600-F35Square6003510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S600-F35Square6003510 × 101.00 AR
GLA-S600-F27Square6002710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S649-F35.75Square64935.75Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S737-F40.53Square73740.53Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S737-F81Square73781Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S800-F25.5Square80025.522 ×281.00 N/A
GLA-S891-F49Square89149Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S891-F98Square89198Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S1000-F30Square10003012 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F35Square10003512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F35Square10003512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F35Square10003525.4 × 25.41.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F60Square10006012 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F30Square100030Φ102.00 N/A
GLA-S1000-F25Square10002512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1015-F61Square10156110 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S1015-F153Square101515310 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S1100-F153Square110015310 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-S1100-F121Square1100121Φ25.402.00 AR
GLA-S1100-F55Square11005512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1100-F60Square11006012 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-S1500-F153Square150015310 × 102.00 N/A
GLA-R158 × 500-F10.2Square158 × 50010.230 ×201.00 N/A
GLA-R158 × 500-F10.2Square158 × 50010.230 ×201.00 AR
GLA-R158 × 500-F10.2Square158 × 50010.222 × 141.00 AR
GLA-R280 ×260-F5.8Square280 × 2605.89.3 × 5.51.00 AR
GLA-R300 ×200-F3.4Square300 × 2003.410.1 ×7.01.00 AR
GLA-R320 ×200-F10.2Square320 × 20010.219 × 121.00 AR
GLA-R320 ×200-F10.2Square320 × 20010.210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-R360 ×220-F4.8Square360 × 2204.85 ×71.00 AR
GLA-R391 ×237-F4.3Square391 × 2374.314 × 111.00 AR
GLA-R400 × 300-F10Square400 × 3001014 × 142.00 N/A
GLA-R475 ×225-F6.2Square475 × 2256.219.1 × 13.41.00 AR
GLA-R500 ×300-F6.6Square500 × 3006.612 × 121.00 AR
GLA-R600 ×320-F34.5Square600 × 32034.513 × 191.00 AR
GLA-R700 × 350-F10.4Square700 × 35010.413.3 × 13.551.00 AR
GLA-C10-F0.02Circle100.0210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C20-F0.05Circle200.0510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C25R-F0.067Circle250.06715 × 141.00 N/A
GLA-C26-F0.109Circle260.10923.47 × 17.11.00 N/A
GLA-C27-F0.205-ACircle26.70.20523.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C30-f0.152Circle300.15210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C40-F0.15Circle400.1510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C46-F1.6Circle461.620 ×201.00 N/A
GLA-C50-F0.28Circle500.210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C50-F0.28Circle500.2810 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C51.5-F0.28Circle51.50.2815 × 14.41.00 N/A
GLA-C75-F0.75Circle750.7510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C100-F0.27Circle1000.275.6 × 5.80.30 N/A
GLA-C100-F0.3Circle1000.35.8 × 5.80.30 ArCr
GLA-C100-F0.4Circle1000.410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C100-F0.5Circle1000.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C100-F1.0Circle100110 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C100-F3.0Circle100310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C108-F3.5Circle1083.536 ×24/10×101.00 N/A
GLA-C108-F3.0Circle108310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-S109-F3.0Circle109310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C110-F1.9-ArCircle1101.97.8 ×6.51.00 ArCr
GLA-C110-F2.582Circle1102.58210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C110-F6.127Circle1106.12710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C110-13.54Circle11013.5210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C122-F2.96Circle1222.9619.4 × 14.81.00 N/A
GLA-C123-F0.55Circle1230.5510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C127-F0.394Circle1270.39410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C130-F3.448Circle1303.44810 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C150-F4.1-CrCircle1504.110 × 101.00 Cr
GLA-C150-F5.2-ArCircle1505.210 × 101.20 AR
GLA-C150-F11.4Circle15011.410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C192-F16-ArCircle1921616 × 161.60 AR
GLA-C200-F5.0Circle200510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C200-F8.0Circle20088 ×81.00 N/A
M-C250-F4.0Circle250410 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C250-F7.0Circle250710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C300-F5.0Circle300510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C300-F10Circle3001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C310-F10Circle3101010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C300-F14.6-ARCircle30014.610 × 101.20 AR
GLA-C400-F10Circle4001016 × 161.60 N/A
GLA-C500-F5Circle500510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C500-F10Circle5001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C500-F15.0-AsCrCircle5001510 × 101.00 AsCr
GLA-C500-F15.0-CrCircle5001510 × 101.00 Cr
GLA-C550-F15.0Circle5501512 × 122.00 N/A
GLA-C600-F40-ArCircle6004016 × 161.60 AR
GLA-C1000-F30.0-CrCircle10003028 ×282.00 Cr
GLA-C1000-F50-CrCircle10005028 ×282.00 Cr
GLA-C1000-F100Circle100010025 ×251.00 N/A
GLA-C10H-F0.02Circle100.0210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C20H-F0.092Circle200.09210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C20H-F0.08Circle200.08Φ12.701.00 AR
GLA-C21.1H-F0.131Circle21.10.13123.6 × 16.980.60 N/A
GLA-C21.1H-F0.51Circle21.10.5123.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C21.1H-F0.182Circle21.10.18223.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C21.5H-F0.136Circle21.50.13615.0 × 14.400.60 N/A
GLA-C23.9H-F0.137Circle23.90.13723.6 × 16.980.60 N/A
GLA-C23.9H-F0.137Circle23.90.13723.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C25H-F0.067Circle250.06715 × 141.00 N/A
GLA-C26.7H-F0.205Circle26.70.20523.6 × 16.980.60 N/A
GLA-C26.7H-F0.205Circle26.70.20523.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C27.1H-F0.18Circle27.10.1831.2 × 23.20.60 N/A
GLA-C27.1H-F0.205Circle27.10.20531.2 × 23.21.00 N/A
GLA-C28H-F0.109Circle280.10923.6 × 16.981.00 N/A
GLA-C28H-F0.109Circle280.1098.0 ×6.01.00 N/A
GLA-C27.5H-F0.05Circle27.50.052.5 ×2.51.00 AR
GLA-C28.8H-F0.115Circle28.80.11531.2 × 23.21.00 N/A
GLA-C30H-F0.092Circle300.09210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C30H-F0.152Circle300.15210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C42H-F0.168Circle420.16825 ×201.00 AR
GLA-C48H-F0.132Circle480.13211 ×4.7781.20 AR
GLA-C51.5H-F1.5Circle51.51.515.0 × 14.401.00 N/A
GLA-C50H-F0.2Circle500.210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C77H-F0.308Circle770.30836.3 × 24.21.00 N/A
GLA-C90H-F0.405Circle900.40534 ×211.20 ArCr
GLA-C99H-F0.792Circle990.79234 ×211.00 ArCr
GLA-C99H-F0.792Circle990.79252 ×421.20 N/A
GLA-C99H-F0.792Circle990.79252 ×421.20 ArCr
GLA-C125H-F0.55Circle1250.5510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C127H-F0.55Circle1270.5510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C150H-F5.45Circle1505.4510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C160H-F0.75Circle1600.7518 × 171.00 N/A
GLA-C200H-F5Circle200510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C250H-F0.923Circle2500.92310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C250H-F1.827Circle2501.82710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C270H-F1.4Circle2701.424.16 × 17.222.00 Cr
GLA-C300H-F5Circle300510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-C300H-F10Circle3001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H16-F0.03Hexagonal160.03Φ25.41.00 N/A
GLA-H18-F0.03Hexagonal180.0310 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H20-F0.1Hexagonal200.115 × 14.41.00 N/A
GLA-H30-F0.092Hexagonal300.09210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H36.5-F0.12Hexagonal36.50.1210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H50-F0.2Hexagonal500.210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H70-F0.3Hexagonal700.336 ×241.00 N/A
GLA-H100-F0.5Hexagonal1000.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H123-F5Hexagonal1235Φ12.71.00 N/A
GLA-H125-F0.55Hexagonal1250.5510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H125-F0.71Hexagonal1250.7110 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H125-F3Hexagonal1253Φ12.72.00 N/A
GLA-H127-F0.55Hexagonal1270.5510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H127-F0.71Hexagonal1270.7110 × 101.00 AR
GLA-H127-F1Hexagonal127110 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H200-F5.0Hexagonal200510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H250-F7.0Hexagonal250710 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H300-F10.0Hexagonal3001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H500-F10.0Hexagonal5001010 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H500-F25.0Hexagonal50025Φ18.01.60 N/A
GLA-H500-F22.2Hexagonal50022.210 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H500-F32.5Hexagonal50032.510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H600-F25.0Hexagonal6002510 × 101.00 N/A
GLA-H700-F50.0Hexagonal7005012.7 × 12.73.00 N/A
GLA-H800-F40.0Hexagonal80040Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F35.0Hexagonal100035Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F40.0Hexagonal100040Φ20.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F40.0Hexagonal100040Φ20.02.00 AR
GLA-H1000-F42.0Hexagonal100042Φ16.01.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F50.0Hexagonal100050Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F70.0Hexagonal100070Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F100.0Hexagonal1000100Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1000-F150.0Hexagonal1000150Φ16.02.00 N/A
GLA-H1500-F83.24Hexagonal150083.24Φ25.42.00 N/A
GLA-H1500-F150.0Hexagonal150015020 ×202.00 N/A

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