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Optical Lenses

Optical lenses are devices that change the path of light by focusing or diverging, and are an integral part of everyday life. Whether it’s a single lens or a glued lens, it works by changing the light. As the light moves across various materials, the Angle of refraction changes accordingly, thereby redirecting the light. Optical lenses can both focus light and disperse it. When used with other optical components and coatings, it can maximize its role.Optical lenses can both focus light and disperse it. When used with other optical components and coatings, it can maximize its role.

Optical Lenses By Shapes

plano concave lens

Plano Concave Lenses

These lenses are thinner at the center than at the edges, designed to diverge light rays passing through them. They’re often used for beam expansion and light projection.

plano convex lens

Plano Convex Lenses

These lenses are thicker at the center than at the edges and designed to converge or focus light in optical systems. They’re commonly used in telescopes, microscopes, and collimators.

double concave lens

Double Concave Lenses

These lenses, thinner at the center than at the edges on both sides, diverge incoming light. They’re typically used in beam expansion, and spreading light or images.

double convex lens

Double Convex Lenses

These lenses, thicker at the center than at the edges on both sides, converge incoming light. They’re popular in applications such as magnifiers, imaging systems, or laser collimation.

meniscus lens

Meniscus Lenses

Meniscus lenses have one concave side and one convex side, designed to minimize spherical aberrations. They’re often used in eyewear, camera lenses, and binoculars.

cylindrical lens

Cylindrical Lenses

Cylindrical lenses have curvature along one axis, allowing them to focus light into a line instead of a point. They are frequently used in applications such as laser line generation.

aspheric lens

Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses deviate from a simple sphere shape to reduce aberrations and achieve better image quality. They’re used broadly in imaging applications, including camera and smartphone lenses.

ball lens in microscopy

Ball Lenses

These are a full sphere-shaped lens, perfect for improving signal coupling between fibers, emitters, and detectors. They’re primarily found in endoscopy, bar code scanning, and optical fiber communication systems.

rod lens

Rod Lenses

These are cylindrical rod-shaped lenses that provide a focused line of light rather than a point. They’re suitable for laser scanners, holography, and optical data processing.

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Optical Lenses By Material

k9 lens

K9 Optical Lenses

These lenses are made from K9 glass, offering high transparency and high chemical resistance. They are primarily used in optical applications like imaging and optical detection.

sapphire lens

Sapphire Lenses

Known for their exceptional durability and scratch resistance, these lenses are perfect for high-pressure, high-temperature applications. Sapphire lenses are often utilized in aerospace, defense, and medical systems.

fused silica lens

UV Fused Silica Lenses

Made from ultraviolet grade fused silica, these lenses provide excellent transmission from the UV to the NIR. They are highly resistant to laser damage, making them ideal for UV laser applications.

caf2 lens

CaF2 Lenses

These lenses, made from Calcium Fluoride, have exceptional transmission from UV through to the long wave infrared spectrum. They are mainly used in spectroscopy or laser applications.

baf2 lens

BaF2 Lenses

Made from Barium Fluoride, these lenses are perfect for applications in the UV to the long wave IR spectrum. They are used widely in spectrophotometry

mgf2 lens

MgF2 Lenses

These are made from Magnesium Fluoride and are predominantly used in UV systems due to their excellent transmission properties.


LiF Lenses

Lithium Fluoride lenses have great transmittance in the VUV region and are highly resistant to thermal shock, making them great for deep UV systems.

si lens

Si Lenses

Silicon lenses have excellent infrared properties and are often used in thermal imaging and IR sensing.

znse lens

ZnSe Lenses

Zinc Selenide lenses are mostly used in CO2 laser processing and IR applications due to their wide broadband transmittance.

zns lens

ZnS Lenses

 Used for Infrared applications, these lenses made from Zinc Sulfide offer great resistance to harsh environments.

ge lens

Ge Lenses

Germanium lenses are highly refractive and often used in thermal imaging and FLIR systems.

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Optical Lenses By Usage

magnifying lens

Magnifying Lenses

These lenses enlarge the appearance of objects, used in eyeglasses, magnifying glasses, and telescopes.

laser lenses

Laser Lenses

Specifically designed for focusing or collimating laser light, they are used in all optical systems involving lasers.

focusing lenses

Focusing Lenses

These lenses focus light into a point, used in a wide array of optical systems from cameras to telescopes.
endoscope lens

Endoscope Lenses

Found in endoscopes, these lenses are used to provide critical imaging within the human body.

collimator lenses

Collimator Lenses

They create parallel light rays from a diverged source, typically used in spectroscopy and lidar systems.

collimating lenses molded

Molded Lenses

These lenses are mass-produced by molding glass or plastic, used in commercial applications such as camera lenses and lighting fixtures.

achromatic lens

Achromatic Lenses

These lenses reduce chromatic aberration by bringing two wavelengths to focus on the same plane. They’re used in applications like microscopy and laser processing.

fresnel lens glass

Fresnel Lenses

These are flat lenses with a complex design used to focus light, often found in lighthouses, traffic lights, and projector lenses.

micro lens arrays

Microlens Arrays

These contain multiple tiny lenses, to increase the resolution of an optical system.

fly eye lens

Fly Eye Lenses

They mimic a fly’s eye, consisting of lots of little lenses, enlarging the field of view in cameras.

fish eye lens

Fish Eye Lenses

These ultra wide-angle lenses produce a visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.

powell lens set

Powell Lenses

Used to create an evenly illuminated line, rather than a focused spot of light – this makes them ideal for applications like bar code scanning.

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Custom Optical Lenses

Our service is second to none when it comes to custom lenses. We offer tailor-made optical solutions, whether for military and defense, scientific research, medical devices or laser technology, we can tailor lenses to your specific requirements and specifications. We take into account various parameters such as focal length, diameter, thickness and material to create lenses that perfectly match your optical needs.
In addition, we offer professional optical coating services to enhance the performance of customized lenses. These coatings include anti-reflection coating, high reflection coating, dielectric coating, metal coating and polarizing coating.
We have strict control over the manufacturing process and you can trust us with your custom lens projects. Let’s start discussing your requirements and let’s turn your lens drawings into reality. Create benefits for you.

why choose our optical lenses

Opt for our optical lenses to achieve high precision and quality in optical applications. Meticulously crafted using high-quality materials such as optical glass, crystals, and fused quartz, our lenses exhibit exceptional performance in a wide range of applications. Ideal for industrial lasers, fiber optics, medical instruments, digital cameras, and security systems, they ensure accuracy and reliability with every use. Trust in our lenses to enhance and drive innovation across various fields.

Small batches high precision

We have a lot of optical lenses in stock, but we can also make small batches of high-precision lenses to request for a range of purposes.


Our optical lenses are made with materials from CDGM, SCHOTT, HOYA, OHARA, CORNING, and other companies.


Our optical coatings are mostly used in the laser, infrared, and classical optics categories and encompass the near-ultraviolet, visible, near-infrared, and far-infrared wavelengths.


We have cold working and molding procedures to make optical lenses for various applications and client scenarios.

Latest Projects

15 mm lenses

15mm Optical Lenses

1mm lens

1mm Endoscope Lenses

4mm molded lens

4mm Molded Lenses

optical domes

Optical Domes

35mm optical lens

35mm Optical Lenses

ball lens

6mm Ball Lenses

Latest Applications Used

camera lenses

Camera Lenses

The most important part of a camera is the lens because the quality of the lens directly affects the quality of the picture taken. It is also one of the most critical ways to divide cameras into different types. In general, you can divide cameras into three groups based on their lenses: professional, semi-professional, and regular. This can be done with both traditional film cameras and digital cameras. There are two main types of lenses: zoom lenses and lenses with a fixed focal length.

Night Vision Devices

Night vision devices are external night sight that operates without an infra-red searchlight to illuminate the target but use the light reflected from the target in low light to be enhanced to a visible image on a fluorescent screen by an image intensifier to observe and aim at the target.

night vision devices
projector lenses

Projector Lenses

Projection lenses are replaceable lenses used in professional projectors. Depending on the distance of the projector and the size of the screen to be played, they are classified as short focal length lenses, medium focal length lenses, long focal length lenses, and special scene lenses.

Laser Collimating Lenses

Laser collimating lenses are usually used when the angle of the laser light’s divergence needs to be reduced to make parallel light transmission possible. They have high transmittance and deficient absorption. Customers can get high-quality laser collimating lenses from us that have a high threshold for damage and are used in UV, visible, infrared, and other wavelengths.

laser collimator lens

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