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We are a Chinese factory that specializes in producing optical prisms. Our state-of-the-art facility and highly skilled workforce allow us to create high-quality prisms that meet the demands of a variety of industries, including telecommunications, scientific research, and optical instruments. Our prisms are made with precision and accuracy, ensuring their superior performance. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services, and we strive to continuously improve and innovate our production process. With our commitment to quality, affordability, and on-time delivery, we have become a leading provider of optical prisms in China and around the world. 

Optical Prisms Category

A prism is a key optical component that can bend and redirect light, making it an essential component in many industries. The most common use of prisms is to change light’s direction and manipulate the image.
Our company offers a vast selection of optical prisms designed to meet various applications’ needs. Our products include K9 standard precision right angle prisms, UV fused silica standard precision right angle prisms, K9 pentagonal prisms, K9 roof prisms, K9 angular reflectors, and wedge prisms. These prisms can be used in many fields, including laser research, optical imaging, machine vision, life science, and biomedical.

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Righ angle prisms
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Roof prisms
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Dove prims
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Corner cube prisms
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Pentagonal prisms
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Wedge prisms
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Custom Optical Prisms From Chineselens

In addition to our standard products, we also offer a custom prism service to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our team of experts can provide modifications such as changes in prism size, parameter improvements, and coating requirements.
Our dedication to delivering top-notch products and services is unwavering, and our prisms are crafted with meticulous precision to guarantee exceptional performance. If you require a reliable and efficient optical prism solution, look no further than our company.

Why choose our optical prisms?

High tolerance to temperature changes

Our prisms are engineered to remain stable and maintain performance even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

Exceptional light transmission

Our prisms are designed to transmit light with minimal loss, ensuring clear and bright images.

Ease of integration into existing systems

Our prisms are designed to be easily integrated into your existing systems, reducing the time and effort needed for installation.

Advanced coatings for improved performance

Our prisms are available with advanced coatings, such as antireflection, high reflection, and more, to enhance their performance.

Customizable to meet specific requirements

We offer prism design services, allowing us to create a prism that meets your unique specifications.

Experienced and knowledgeable support team

Our support team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Optical Prims Applications

Here are 12 kinds of applications:
  1. Dispersing light into its spectral components
  2. Reflecting and redirecting light beams
  3. Correcting image orientation in cameras and binoculars
  4. Generating polarized light for scientific experiments
  5. Measuring the angles of light and laser beams
  6. Projecting 3D images and holograms
  7. Testing the performance of optical systems
  8. Designing and testing optical instruments
  9. Creating rainbow effects in art and lighting design
  10. Analyzing the properties of light and materials
  11. Separating light into different wavelength components in spectroscopy
  12. Aligning optical systems in instruments and devices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard lead time for optical prism manufacturing varies depending on the prisms’ size, complexity, and quantity. It can range from a few days to several weeks.

We can ensure the dimensional accuracy of optical prisms through precision machinery and strict quality control processes.
Optical prisms are packaged in a protective case and shipped in a secure box to ensure their safety during transportation.
Optical prisms can be customized to particular specifications, including size, material, shape, and coating.
The typical production volume for optical prisms can range from a few pieces to several thousand pieces depending on the complexity of the design.
The tolerance for optical prism manufacturing depends on the specifications and design requirements, but it typically ranges from ±0.01mm to ±0.05mm.
Optical prisms’ angle and face deviation accuracy can range from ±1 arc minute to ±5 arc minute depending on the specifications and design requirements.
The accuracy of the surface finish for optical prisms can range from 10/5 to 60/40, depending on the specifications and design requirements.
The wavelength range for optical prisms depends on the material used and can range from UV to IR.

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