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A wide range of optical prisms, from right angle prisms to retroreflection prisms, can be found in various sizes and types. Locate the ideal optical prism for your needs at Chineselens Optics.

Optical Prisms

Optical prisms are able to redirect light in a unique way; this is their function in instruments like binoculars and periscopes which lead to the bending of light. Their prismatic surfaces are usually coated with a reflective material that increases reflection upon their interface.

When an optical prism is passed through by light, it gets bent such that it separates into its constituent colors or spectra—this phenomenon is called dispersion. Spectrometers and cameras make use of this feature to capture or analyze light accordingly.

The wide variety of shapes and sizes available for optical prisms permits them to find diverse applications across many areas. In different professional fields ranging from research, photography, laser technologies etc., they become vital to numerous scientific and industrial works.

Optical Prisms Category

right angle prisms

Right Angle Prisms

These prisms are triangular in shape and often used in optical systems to change the direction of light by 90 degrees. They are commonly found in periscopes and image relay applications.

spectroscopic prism

Spectroscopic Prisms

These prisms are used to disperse light into its component wavelengths, creating a spectrum. They are primarily used in spectroscopy to analyze the properties of light.

penta prisms

Penta Prisms

These five-sided prisms deviate a beam of light by a constant 90 degrees without inverting the image. They are often used in surveying and navigation equipment.

dove prisms

Dove Prisms

Named after their inventor, H.W. Dove, these prisms invert the image and are primarily used in telescopes and other imaging devices.

roof prisms

Roof Prisms

These are prisms with a roof surface that splits a beam of light, redirecting it and flipping the image. Roof prisms are commonly found in binoculars and monoculars.

wedge prisms

Wedge Prisms

These prisms, thicker on one side than the other, bend light towards their thicker portion. They are often used in laser systems to steer beams and eliminate double vision images.

equilateral prisms

Equilateral Prisms

These are three-sided prisms with equal angles and lengths. They disperse light into a spectrum and are often used in the field of optics for wavelength separating applications.

corner cube prisms

Corner Cube Prisms

Also known as retroreflectors, these prisms reflect an incident beam back along its original direction, regardless of the prism’s orientation. They are widely used in surveying and laser systems.

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custom optical prisms

Custom Optical Prisms

There is a comprehensive selection of optical prisms from Chineselens Optics available in many different designs, coatings and substrates to meet your needs. Some of the featured designs include Right Angle, Amici, Penta, Schmidt, Wedge (Commercial Grade or K9), Anamorphic, Equilateral, Dove and Rhomboid Prisms as well as Corner Cube Retroreflectors and Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods. We also provide various anti-reflection coatings such as MgF2, UV-VIS, UV-AR, VIS 0° , VIS-NIR and numerous laser line options.

Custom Specification

  • Material: K9, JGS1, or other optical glass
  • Diameter: 3-100mm
  • Height: 5-60mm
  • Angle: 2″-8″
  • PV: L/8
  • Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20, 20/10

Latest Projects

3mm optical prisms

3mm Optical Prisms

optical prisms 1

Dove Prisms Quartz

optical prisms 2

Penta Prisms K9

Latest Application Used

trimble 360

Trimple 360

gmp104 leica

GMP 104 Leica

grz101 360

GRZ 101 360

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