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With extensive applications and outstanding performance in critical areas such as laser marking, 3D scanning, and optical metrology, our cylindrical lenses have earned high praise from many customers. Whether for research or industrial production, we can provide high-quality cylindrical lenses that meet your expectations. Contact us now to explore unlimited possibilities in the optical field!

Cylindrical Lenses Introduction

As a unique optical element capable of effectively focusing or dispersing light in a single direction, cylindrical lenses have wide applications spanning key technological areas such as laser beam shaping, spectral analysis, barcode scanning, and holographic illumination. We are dedicated to providing high-quality cylindrical lens manufacturing services, including but not limited to plano-convex, plano-concave, bi-convex, and bi-concave lenses. We can also customize a variety of material, size, and coating options based on specific customer requirements.

Our cylindrical lenses offer the following core advantages:

  • Premium optical materials like BK7, quartz, and CaF2 are selected to ensure high transmittance and excellent durability
  • Industry-leading manufacturing technologies achieve surface quality better than 10-5 scratch-dig and over 90% transmission
  • Precise dimensional tolerances controlled to +/-0.01mm, with radius tolerances strictly below 0.25%
  • A wide range of anti-reflection coating options available for wavelengths from 193nm to 1064nm
  • An experienced technical team provides full customization services from design to production to ensure turnkey solutions meeting your needs

Cylindrical Lenses Series We Made

plano convex cylindrical lens

plane convex cylindrical lenses

Plano-convex cylindrical lenses have a unique structure with one flat surface and one convex surface, capable of focusing incident parallel light into a fine line. These lenses play an important role in technical applications such as laser beam shaping and fiber coupling. By precisely controlling the light focusing, plano-convex cylindrical lenses can effectively improve the optical performance and efficiency of systems.

plano concave cylindrical lens

plano concave cylindrical lenses

Plano-concave cylindrical lenses have one flat side and one concave side. Their main function is to spread the light beam into a line shape, thus playing an important role in areas such as spectrometers and barcode scanners. By adjusting the propagation direction and shape of the light beam, plano-concave cylindrical lenses can optimize the application effects of optical systems.

meniscus cylindrical lens

meniscus cylindrical lenses

Meniscus cylindrical lenses feature one convex and one concave cylindrical surface. This unique design combines the properties of both positive and negative cylindrical lenses. Applications of meniscus cylindrical lenses include laser diode circularization, astigmatism compensation in imaging systems, beam shaping, and optical system miniaturization. Their ability to reshape beams while providing aberration correction makes them versatile for laser material processing, biomedical optics, and other photonic applications.

double convex cylindrical lens

double convex cylindrical lenses

Bi-convex cylindrical lenses feature a design with both sides convex, giving them stronger focusing power. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring high energy density, such as laser marking and material processing. By improving the focusing efficiency of the light beam, bi-convex cylindrical lenses can bring higher precision and effects to these applications.

double concave

double concave cylindrical lenses

Both surfaces of bi-concave cylindrical lenses are concave, allowing them to provide a larger beam expansion angle, suitable for applications requiring a wide field of view, such as holographic illumination and 3D scanning. By adjusting the beam expansion range, bi-concave cylindrical lenses can meet specific optical needs.

aspherial cylindrical lens

aspherical cylindrical lenses

By adopting an aspheric design, aspheric cylindrical lenses effectively reduce aberrations, providing higher imaging quality. These lenses are suitable for applications with strict imaging performance requirements, such as optical inspection and medical imaging. The high-precision design of aspheric cylindrical lenses ensures optimal imaging effects for optical systems.

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Custom Cylindrical Lenses

Our range of cylindrical lens products are meticulously manufactured using carefully selected high-quality materials, and undergo rigorous quality management processes to ensure stable and reliable performance from every single product. Facing various special requirements and application scenarios, we also offer personalized customization services. No matter if your project requires specific materials, unique dimensions, or dedicated optical performance, our technical team will go all out to tailor-make cylindrical lens solutions that meet your particular needs.

positive and negative cylindrical lens
MaterialDomestic or foreign materials are selected based on client requests
Diameter tolerance0/-0.01mm
Clear aperture90%-100%
Tolerance of CT or ET±0.02mm
Vector Tolerance±0.015mm
Aperture Tolerance±0.02mm
Surface QualityUS Standard 10-5, ISO Standard 3X0.063
Curvature Tolerance±1.5Lambda
Surface FlatnessPV: Lambda/10@633nm or RMS: Lambda/100@633nm
Centration30 arc seconds
Focal Length Tolerance±1%
Edge Chip<0.1mm
BevelBased on clients' requests
CoatingApply AR or based on clients' requests

Related Projects

Cylindrical lenses, with their outstanding optical qualities, play an indispensable role across numerous industries, providing solid optical solution support for scientific innovation and industrial progress. The following lists application examples of cylindrical lenses in various fields, showcasing their key role in driving industry development:

laser processing

Laser Processing

In laser marking, cutting, welding and other processes, the use of cylindrical lenses can effectively shape the laser beam to form a high-quality line spot, significantly improving processing efficiency and accuracy. For example, the bi-convex cylindrical lenses we provided to a laser equipment manufacturer solved their issue of poor beam quality, increasing their processing efficiency by 30%.

Barcode Scanning Technology

As a core component of barcode scanners, cylindrical lenses can produce uniform scanning lines to ensure accurate barcode reading. The customized plano-concave cylindrical lenses we supplied to a supermarket greatly enhanced the stability and reliability of their scanners, achieving a 99.9% success rate.

barcode scanning
spectral analysis

Spectral Analysis Applications

In spectrometers, cylindrical lenses collimate and remove divergence from incident beams, effectively improving spectral resolution. The custom collimating cylindrical lenses we made for a university lab doubled their spectral resolution, providing powerful support for their research work.

3D Scanning & Measurement

Cylindrical lenses can produce high-quality laser lines critical for 3D scanning and measurement. The aspheric cylindrical lenses we customized for a machine vision company effectively improved the uniformity and clarity of the scanning line, increasing 3D scanning speed by 50% and achieving 0.01mm measurement accuracy.

3d scanning
holographic illumination technology

Holographic Illumination Technology

In holographic display systems, cylindrical lenses can generate uniform line-shaped reconstruction beams, simplifying system design. The custom cylindrical toroidal lenses we provided to a holographic equipment developer successfully achieved high-brightness, low-speckle holographic image reconstruction, earning high praise from the customer.

Beyond these applications, cylindrical lenses are widely used in fiber coupling, optical computing, laser beam shaping and many other fields, creating tremendous value for customers. We are committed to continuously deepening research on cylindrical lens technology and expanding application areas, providing excellent product performance and professional technical services to drive innovation across industries. If you have any application needs for cylindrical lenses, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with tailored optimal solutions!

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