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Precision Glass Dicing Services

Chineselens Optics offers premium glass dicing services. It is possible for us to use customer-supplied materials or our own extensive inventory. With state-of-the-art technology that incorporates vision alignment systems and high-resolution closed-loop linear positioning encoders, we guarantee the accuracy of each cut.

Dice for Different Applications

We offer services for different types of materials and sizes of components such as:

  • Full-cut through CNC programmability which allows multi-purpose cutting patterns
  • Styles of cutting: full cut-through, scribing, beveling, trenching, edge polishing and more.
  • Thickness range of material: 100 microns to 6mm (0.004-0.236 inch)
  • Up to 10 microns dicing tolerance achievable
  • Material/Component size: up to Ø300mm (Ø11.8″) diameter and 200mm (7.9″) square
  • Minimal kerf or blade loss between 100-300 microns (0.004-0.012 inch).

Materials We Dice

The variety of materials we dice is huge; some examples are:

  • Coated filters;
  • Ceramics & Alumina;
  • Fused Silica & Quartz;
  • Optical glass;
  • Borosilicate & Sodalime glass;
  • Sapphire;
  • Germanium;
  • Silicon wafers;
  • Ferrites;
  • Front surface mirrors;
  • Glass substrates;
  • Color glass filters;
  • Small diameter rods.

Glass Dicing Applications

Among many other sectors where it finds application:

  • Nanotechnology,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Photonics/ Optics
  • Semiconductor fabrication,
  • Medical device manufacturing,
  • Sensor technology
  • Development of optical components
  • Electronics etc…

Beyond Basics – Cleaving Glass Wafers

In addition to dicing which gives great accuracy, we can use cleaving for certain applications like this:

We have vast experience in cleaving large thin wafers(up to Ø300mm (Ø11.8″) diameter and 100 microns (0.004 inch) thin) made of borosilicate, fused silica and quartz glass using diamond cutters and scribes. Softer soda lime glass commonly used for slides can be cleaved with both diamond scribes as well as tungsten carbide cutters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is glass dicing? This refers to the process of separating individual components (dice) from a glass wafer after processing; methods include scribing and breaking, mechanical sawing or laser cutting – usually automated for utmost precision.
  • What is laser dicing? Precise cuts are made by a laser beam passing over the front side of the wafer repeatedly until complete cut is achieved.
  • How to cut quartz wafers? For cleaving quartz, fused silica & borosilicate glass diamond scribes together with cutters are best while softer soda lime glass can be done using tungsten carbide cutter beside diamondscribe.
  • How to cut fused silica wafers? Common cutting methods include band saws/wire saws/chop saws etc.; CO2 lasers and water jet machines are also options available.
  • How does laser dicing work? The material is heated by the laser beam until it melts or vaporizes thus creating a clean break along an already determined path.

When precision matters most trust Chineselens Optics with your high-precision glass dicing service needs . Our knowledge, equipment capabilities coupled with extensive handling different materials will deliver outstanding results for various applications across many industries.

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