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We are committed to provide aspheric lenses of the highest quality. Our every lens meets precision and performance standards which are very strict, thanks to our thorough process of quality control. Whether you require lenses whose applications cut across wide ranges or optical devices for use within the entire infrared region we have the expertise required to meet your needs.

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Aspheric lenses refer to optical lenses that do not have spherical surface shapes. Aspherical lenses will have varying curvatures unlike normal spherical lenses that always have consistent curves, this is aimed at controlling light paths in a better way. This configuration helps reduce optical aberrations hence resulting into clearer and sharper images.

Any customer sourcing for high-quality aspheric lenses must make sure they select a reliable supplier who will not only offer top notch products but also provide technical support as well as customization options that would serve specific requirements.

Aspheric Lenses Series We Made

stadard precision polished aspheric lens


Our Standard Precision Polished Aspheric Lenses are designed for a varied range of optical applications. These lenses are made by means of advanced polishing processes to achieve high level accuracy and smoothness so making them ideal for moderate precision and performance applications.

high precision polished aspheric lens


The High Precision Polished Aspheric Lenses we offer in this category are most suitable for tough optics jobs. These lenses undergo testing through CNC machines during polishing with metrology procedures being carried out afterwards to guarantee diffraction limited performance with minimal wave front errors.

collimating lenses molded


These Molded Aspheric Lenses target mass production environments where uniformity and cost are factors of interest. In order to ensure a consistent level throughout large numbers, such glasses are made using an advanced method known as ‘glass molding.’

ir aspheric lens


These Infrared Aspheric Lenses cover the IR spectrum from MWIR (mid-wave)to LWIR (longwave). They can be fabricated using germanium, silicon or chalcogenide glass materials which show transparency in infrared band.

achromatic aspheric lens


Our Achromatic Aspheric Lenses are used in situations requiring high wavelength precision encompassing both chromatic and spherical aberrations. Aspheric and achromatic designs are subtly combined to achieve optimum optical performance.

znse lens


Our ZnSe Aspheric Lenses are made for infrared applications especially in MWIR (mid-wave) and LWIR (long-wave) zones. Zinc selenide (ZnSe), for example, is a material that is highly transparent within the IR spectrum hence it can be used as a lens material.

uvfs aspheric lens


Our UVFS Aspheric Lenses are manufactured from fused silica of ultra violet grades, which have exceptional transmission properties at ultra violet frequencies. They are ideal for use in high precision or highly efficient ultraviolet applications.

ultra large diameter aspheric lens

Ultra Large Diameter Aspherical Lens

These Ultra Large Diameter Aspherical Lenses find their application in areas where a large aperture size may be required. These lenses are produced with modern techniques such as advanced manufacturing processes so that they will still have good performance even when the diameter sizes are large.

sapphire lens

sapphire aspheric lens

Our Sapphire Aspheric Lensesare made from high quality sapphire characterized by excellent transparency and durability. Such lenses can be employed in systems requiring very light paths for highest precision while being subjected to harsh conditions.

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custom aspheric lens

Custom Aspheric Lenses

Custom aspheric lenses are tailored to meet the precise needs of specific applications. Unlike standard lenses, which are mass-produced to generic specifications, custom aspheric lenses are designed and manufactured to exacting standards. This customization allows for the correction of specific optical aberrations and the optimization of performance in ways that standard lenses cannot achieve.

Aspheric Lenses Features

Precision and Performance

Custom lenses ensure particular defects have been corrected thereby resulting in excellent image quality for enhanced optical functionality.


The ability to tailor the lens design to specific requirements allows for greater flexibility in optical system design.

Compact and Lightweight

By using custom aspheres instead of numerous spherical surfaces these systems become more compacted or lighter weight hence giving way for more space savings in sensor sizes or miniaturization.


These lenses are used in a wide range of applications, from consumer electronics to advanced scientific instruments.

Design Process

There are several critical steps involved in designing custom aspheric lenses:

1. Requirement Analysis: The first step is to understand the specific requirements of the application. This includes factors such as the desired optical performance, environmental conditions, and physical constraints.

2. Optical Design: Using advanced optical design software, engineers create a lens profile that meets the specified requirements. This involves calculating the optimal curvature and aspheric coefficients to minimize aberrations and maximize performance.

3. Material Selection: Lens materials can affect their performance greatly. Some common materials include optical glass, fused silica, and various plastics with each having different refractive index, thermal stability or durability properties.

4. Prototyping and Testing: Ensure that a prototype lens is manufactured so that it meets all design specifications through tests being conducted rigorously on it or by making iterative adjustments in both design and manufacturing processes.

5. Production: Once the prototype is validated, the lens moves into production. Advanced manufacturing techniques such as CNC grinding, diamond turning, and precision molding are used to produce high-accuracy and consistent lenses.

Latest Projects

At Chineselens Optics we continually push optical technology beyond the norm by introducing innovative projects utilizing our expertise in custom aspheric lenses. Our latest projects showcase the versatility and high performance of our lenses across various industries. In this section we will highlight some of our most recent and notable projects to demonstrate how our custom made aspherical lens works practically and what it has in store for us.

advanced imaging system for space exploration

Advanced Imaging System for Space Exploration

laser collimator lens

High-Precision Laser Optics for Industrial Applications

enhanced optical sensors for autonomous vehicles

Enhanced Optical Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles


High-Resolution Endoscopic Imaging for Medical Diagnostics

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