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Do you need standard optics, such as lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, windows and covers etc.? Or require innovative applications? We will be your trusted partner, working with you to find the best solution. With many years of production experience and capability of aspheric lens, achromatic lens and fresnel lens etc, we have become a reliable partner for many companies of laser and quantum physics, institutes and research institutions.

There is no shortcut to the perfect optics product, but craftsmanship.

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DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited is a company for the sample product inventory sufficient, complete types, basic guarantee spot supply. Our project engineer can provide you with design and system solutions according to the customer’s usage requirements to meet the customer’s special needs.

We hope our products will become an indispensable reference for your scientific research, teaching and product development, and sincerely thank you for your trust and support over the years. DG optics will uphold the consistent purpose for you to provide professional services, you can be trusted as a partner.

With the combination of traditional optical processing technology and advanced automatic optical processing technology, DG optics has high production accuracy, various special types and large caliber optical production and processing capacity. Provide services from design and development, sample trial production, mass production, etc.


customization lens

DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited is a 20-year-old factory that customizes optical components. We are specialized in manufacturing aspheric lens, achromatic lens, fresnel lens etc. . Our equipment includes imported pendulum machine, push-pull machine, edging machine, domestic milling mill, fine grinding polishing pendulum machine, pendulum machine, large-caliber Oval Pendulum and so on. We have the expertise and production resources for custom design, prototyping, and production of optical products, and can be customized according to your project requirements. Choose DG, you will not regret!

Main products include lenses, prisms, windows, laser lenses, spectroscope Metal Mirror, cylindrical mirror, eight-sided rotating mirror, wide-band dielectric mirror, all kinds of narrow-band filters, silicon, Germanium, zinc selenide and other infrared optical lenses.


  • DLC diamond-like (carbon) films, metal reflective films, Znse Professional high-power laser films,

antireflective film: 1,190-380 NM UV antireflective film 2,400-1100 NM visible near infrared antireflective film, (532 nm single-point antireflective film, 532 + 1064 nm double-point antireflective film, 808 single-point antireflective film, 1064 single-point antireflective film) , and band width antireflective film of this region

  • Infrared antireflection film: 1560 nanometer antireflection film, 3-5 Micron antireflection film, 8-12 and 7-14 Micron antireflection film
  • Medium High Reflective Film: 1,355 nm / 532 nm / 635 nm / 808 nm / 1064 nm single-point, double-point, three-point laser reflective film 2,400-700 NM medium high reflective film, near-infrared Laser medium high reflective film. The reflectivity can reach 99.5%

DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited can process a wide range of OEM project, but not limited to:

  • optical lenses

  • optical prisms

  • optical filters

  • optical windows

  • optical mirrors

  • optical dome covers

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  • Prompt reply

  • OEM/ODM service offered

  • Order flexibility

  • Delivery on time and fast

  • Quality after-sale service

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