Chineselens Optics will be your most reliable optical products manufacturer in the next 10 years

Your One-Stop Supplier for High-Precision Optical Solutions

Chineselens Optics is a leading provider of full optical services, which range from precision finishing and processing to custom component assembly and advanced testing. Be it standard optical components or highly specialized solutions that you need, Chineselens Optics has the experience and the technology.

Superior Quality and Expertise

Chineselens Optics does not just supply optical components; we have our own production line where quality is controlled at every step of the way. In addition, we boast a group of skilled technicians who use such equipment as interferometers and spectrophotometers in testing for flatness, transmission among other crucial measurements for different optics with much precision so as to ensure they meet your expectations consistently.

Extensive Service Offerings

Our service offering covers various customer needs hence;

  • Finishing & Processing – Our experts take care of fine finishes on glasses etc., while also working with other types of this material.
  • Optical Component Assembly – We put together parts carefully as well as accurately thereby attaining maximum performance levels.
  • Precision Cutting – At our micro dicing division wafers can be cut up unto 300mm diameter sizes which is suitable even for very demanding applications.
  • Optical Polishing & Grinding – Having many different types machines used for polishing or grinding optics could come in handy especially when customers bring us their own substrates made out any desired material they may have chosen.
  • Glass to Metal Assembly – The team knows how select appropriate adhesives necessary strong bonding between metals such that it occurs within clean room facilities designed specifically these types works; thus making sure everything remains secure throughout process .

Customization and Express Services

We understand that sometimes time plays against us. That’s why apart from stock products being modified according size specification required by the client thereby creating good fitment into project being undertaken.

A Trusted Partner for the Optical Industry

Over time Chineselens Optics has been able to build its name within optical industry mainly because we always strive hard towards delivery nothing but quality work coupled with precision while at same time ensuring customers are satisfied fully through our wide range services availability all under one roof.

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