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Chineselens Optics has an extensive presence in over 20 countries and a complete understanding of the market. Welcome to establish long-term business cooperation with us.

Chineselens Optics six advantages of sustainable development:


We specialize in customized highly engineered glass optics products and have a wealth of experience and expertise. We specialize in the manufacture of various glass components, including cylindrical, aspherical, spherical and flat/flat glass. We can also process these components and supply finished lens components.

Proven experience

With more than 30 years of experience, we are able to meet a variety of challenging optical design and manufacturing requirements. We are constantly improving our processes and resources to deliver better results.

Manufacturing Input Design

Our engineering team has years of manufacturing experience to help customers optimize optical systems through in-depth manufacturing design. We cover material selection, geometry and tolerance analysis.

Vertically integrated manufacturer

We complete all design and manufacturing processes in-house, including cutting, grinding, polishing, film coating, CNC machining, etc., from raw materials to finished products, each step is strictly controlled.

Cost-effective solutions

We offer high quality products and solutions to meet customer needs at the best value for money, making us the ideal partner for companies of all sizes.

Quality first

We put quality first and improve product quality, working life quality and environmental quality through continuous improvement. Our work complies with ISO, BS and MIL standards and we are ISO9001 certified to ensure that our products meet specifications.

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