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DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited is a factory providing lens oem and optics design service  for the past 20 years. We offer you aspheric lens, achromatic lens, plano convex lens, double convex lens, plano concave lens, double concave lens,  cylinder lens and fresnel lens etc. Our perfect optics components cover lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, windows and dome covers, which we could customize for you.

High-tech machines, top-notch mastery of lensmaking and great people drive us, everyday, as always.

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optical lenses


DG Optoelectronics has Germany CNC mill, CNC polishing machine, Japan high-speed polishing machine, high precision edge grinding machine to produce high precision flat convex lens, plano concave lens, double convex lens, double concave lens, positive and negative crescent lens, double gluing achromatic lens, triple gluing lens. DG optics can not only produce lens of various optical glass, various gluing lenses, but also produce high-precision spherical lens of various artificial crystal base materials.



A prism can be used to turn light at a particular Angle. A prism can not only deflect light, it can also adjust the direction of the image. The design of a prism will determine how it interacts with light. When light enters a prism, it is reflected on a single or multiple surface before coming out, or it is refracted as it passes through the substrate. For example, when light is incident to the rectangular prism, the light will be reflected in the surface of a rectangular prism, and then to a 90 ° turn. However, when light enters a wedge prism, the change in substrate thickness causes the light to deflect through refraction.

optical mirrors


Optical mirrors are designed for laser applications and have been optimized for the specified wavelength range. In addition, the reflector is designed for laser applications with a damage threshold applicable to a specified laser. Metal substrate reflectors are suitable for applications where a constant coefficient of thermal expansion is required between the reflector and the interface. Reflectors with concave surfaces are suitable for light focusing applications.



Filters are made by adding a special dye to a plastic or glass substrate or by vaporizing an optical film on its surface to attenuate (absorb) some bands of light waves or to explicitly select a small range of bands through which light waves pass, while reflecting (or absorbing) other unwanted bands.By changing the structure of the filter and the optical parameters of the film, various spectral characteristics can be obtained, so that the filter can control, adjust and change the transmission, reflection, polarization or phase state of the light wave.



With the rapid development of modern intelligent system,  more and more to the requirement of optical windows are becoming more and more high, the optical window filter as one of the important components, applications can involve various aspects, such as: smart home system, biometric systems, intelligent robot parts, laser bar code scanning, infrared remote control, medical equipment display window, UV camera lens, and so on.

beam splitters


Optical glass coated with a layer or layers of film, when a beam of light onto the coated glass, through reflection and refraction, the beam is divided into two or more beams, the coated glass is called beam splitter. The beam splitter is mainly used to divide the incident beam into two beams with a certain intensity ratio. There are two kinds of beam splitter: fixed beam splitter and variable beam splitter. The variable beam splitting mirror can be divided into step splitting and continuous transient splitting.


Optics manufacturing

The processing of optical parts is divided into hot machining, cold machining and special machining. Cold processing is sawing, rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing and centering grinding edge with loose or solid abrasive. Special machining only changes the properties of the polished surface without changing the shape and size of the optical parts.The main tasks of each process of cold machining are as follows:


Optics machine

  • Germany Satisloh aspherical CNC milling and polishing machine 2 units,
  • Optotech spherical mirror CNC milling and light machine 6 sets,
  • imported CNC milling machine 2 sets,
  • toric mirror polishing machine 12 units,
  • Japanese spherical mirror 2 CNC milling machines,
  • 16 sets of polishing machine,
  • 2 sets of cylindrical lens  CNC milling machines


Optics material

Optic lens is one of the main components in the optical experiment, which can be made of a variety of different optical materials for collimation, focusing and imaging of light beams. Various spherical and aspherical lenses provided by Newport are mainly made of BK7 glass, UVFS, infrared grade calcium fluoride (CaF2), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), and ZnSe. In the spectrum range from visible light to near-infrared which is less than 2.1 phenom, BK7 glass has good performance and moderate price.


Optics coating

Any object can reflect light, which is why we can see things. For the lens, in order to allow light to pass through the lens completely, it is better for the lens to fully reflect the real situation of nature on the film. High quality optical glass, its light transmittance can reach above 90%, still remaining light loss needs to be coated on the lens surface to compensate.


Optics design

At present, the Design Department of our company is building a graduate work site with a well-known university in China. The Design Department has launched a comprehensive cooperation with the university and has received the help and support from the university’s leading experts in the optical field.


Optics customization

DG Optoelectronics has Germany CNC mill, CNC polishing machine, Japan high-speed polishing machine, high precision edge grinding machine to produce high precision flat convex lens, plano concave lens, double convex lens, double concave lens, positive and negative crescent lens


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