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Precision Optical Products Manufacturer

30 year of custom optical proudcts and optical lens manufacturing for optoelectronics industry


We offer a full range of services from design and manufacturing to coating and assembly.


We strive to help engineers and purchasing leaders in the optoelectronics industry customize optical products to meet their needs.


Awarded GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management, Certification No. 00120Q38071R0S/3200.

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Trusted by Engineers, Product Managers and Purchasing Leaders at the World’s Most Successful Companies

Optical Products Category

Our catalogues are not limiting as far as our capabilities are concerned because we also manufacture custom precision optics. We have diverse CNC machines available under same roof including premises dedicated to double-sided lapping and polishing, proprietary coating lab among others.We provide anti-reflective coatings (AR), dielectric max reflector coatings (ME)and metallic reflector coatings(MR). As such when combined with massive investments into new technologies, we are capable of meeting all your needs with ease.

Precision lenses for enhancing image clarity in various applications.

Devices that refract light, crucial for color spectrum analysis.

Filters for controlling light passage based on wavelength.

narrow band filters

Optical Windows

Transparent components protecting delicate optical systems.

optical mirrors

Optical Mirrors

Reflective surfaces for directing and focusing light beams.

optical domes

Optical Domes

Optical domes are mainly used to protect sensitive components such as cameras and optical sensors.

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Why choose chineselens as your optical product manufacturer

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Featured Optical Products

We provide cylindrical lenses that are essential for light beam manipulation.

We manufacturer laser collimating lenses that stand at the forefront of optical technology.

We Offer powell lenses and prisms for laser line generation.

The corner cubes in our catalog reflect our commitment to versatile and robust design.

Chineselens Optics pruduce microlens arrays to increase the resolution of an optical system.

We manufacture high precision ball lenses improving signal coupling between fibers, emitters, and detectors.

high precision polishing factory

Custom Optical Products

Once you select our company, you gain access to premium quality custom optical lenses including prisms, filters, windows, domes, beamsplitters; polarizers and more. Our capabilities in the field of optics extend well beyond those covered here since our engineers also correct optics for several industries(particularly through the most critical applications). To address any of your optics challenges or support your systems or projects, get in touch with our engineering team.

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"Chineselens' prisms and lenses are of exceptional quality, reflecting their commitment to excellence in every product produced."
Richard S.
Senior Designer
"Chineselens has played an essential role in the success of our projects, providing top-of-the-line optical components. Their professionalism and expertise make them the go-to solution in this industry."
Stephan T.
Optical Engineer

Markets Served

Chineselens Optics offers a broad range of industries optical solutions that help our customers accelerate design and prototyping processes. For numerous applications we create fine optical products. With many years experience in manufacturing capabilities, we have emerged as the primary manufacturer for a global audience consisting of companies, government agencies and scientists who produce optical products.

Life Science


Aerospace and Defense


Security and Surveillance




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