Tale of DG Optoelectronics (Danyang, China)

DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited is a factory providing lens oem and optics design service  for the past 20 years. We offer you aspheric lens, achromatic lens, plano convex lens, double convex lens, plano concave lens, double concave lens,  cylinder lens and fresnel lens etc. Our perfect optics components cover lenses, prisms, filters, mirrors, windows and dome covers, which we could customize for you.

High-tech machines, top-notch mastery of lensmaking and great people drive us, everyday, as always.

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customization lens

DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited is a 20-year-old factory that customizes optical components. We are specialized in manufacturing aspheric lens, achromatic lens, fresnel lens etc. . Our equipment includes imported pendulum machine, push-pull machine, edging machine, domestic milling mill, fine grinding polishing pendulum machine, pendulum machine, large-caliber Oval Pendulum and so on. We have the expertise and production resources for custom design, prototyping, and production of optical products, and can be customized according to your project requirements. Choose DG, you will not regret!

We offer type of lenses:

  • plano convex lenses

  • double convex lenses

  • plano concave lneses

  • double concave lenses

  • achromatic lenses

  • aspheric lenses

  • cylinder lenses

  • spherical lenses

  • special custom lenses

DG Optoelectronics Co., Limited can process a wide range of OEM project, but not limited to:

  • optical lenses

  • optical prisms

  • optical filters

  • optical windows

  • optical mirrors

  • optical dome covers

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