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Reaching out to industries like aerospace, automotive, AR/MR/VR, medical, security and more, we offer precision optics solutions while keeping the future in mind.

Markets Served

At Chineselens Optics, we believe in creating premium-grade optics that cater to a wide range of applications. We have the capacity to work together with our partners and manufacture optical systems that are built specifically for their unique needs. Our services extend towards various sectors including aerospace and defense, automotive, life science research and medical device industry as well as the AR/MR/VR industry as well as other industrial or consumer applications. Over time our collective experience along with our advanced manufacturing skills have led us to become one of the most preferred optics providers for businesses around the world.

Life Science


Aerospace and Defense


Security and Surveillance




Medical Devices & Life Science Research

Engineering precision optical components and systems require unique design to meet medical profession’s requirements and life science researchers. Whether you’re looking for high-performance biological research lenses or affordable yet high-quality medical devices components, we have it all.


As autonomous vehicles begin to occupy roads everywhere, complex imaging technologies are required for rear vision cameras and night vision cameras which uses optics technology. We specialize in fabricating components and systems visible camera cars use, solid-state LIDARS need 3D cameras use long-wave infrared (LWIR) lenses require etc. Besides this it’s worth mentioning that fiber optic system is also an essential part for quick response when it comes to electronic systems.

Aerospace & Defense

For all things aerospace related such as surveillance systems or targeting systems along with defense purposes like security cameras or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), our capabilities ensure robustness and lightweight components even in harsh conditions and low visibility areas.


AR/MR/VR technology is constantly being pushed forward by advancements made in optics. The ultimate goal is to provide users with a comfortable experience that doesn’t put strain on their vision or create issues like VAC (vergence accommodation conflict) or focal rivalry. At Chineselens Optics we take pride in being at the forefront of this experimentation stage so you can create top-quality headsets.

Security & Surveillance

Chineselens Optics is an imaging solutions and optical design company. But we don’t just capture pictures. We also process and analyze them to ensure they’re safe for the world around us. When it comes to video analysis, our technological set up is second to none. Specifically, we can find an optimal solution for picture-taking in any condition or environment. In addition, we’ve got filters that will make your picture sharper and cleaner than ever before. Chineselens Optics can make sure you’re protected- no matter what’s going on around you!

Consumer Optics

Consumer optics generally revolve around mobile cameras or professional-grade ones along with robotic vacuum cleaners’ vision system. This means the lenses could be small or huge, simple to complex or passive eyepieces to active devices that interact with optical parts.


Machine vision is a process automation technology widely used in various industrial sectors, and reliable optics are needed for it. Optical components for process surveillance and real-time feedback, as well as optical systems that actively participate in industrial processes such as materials processing and photolithography can be manufactured at Chineselens Optics. Our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) guidance helps you optimize budget, timeline and custom optical needs.

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