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Corner Cube Prisms

As one of the premier manufacturers of precision optics, we are pleased to introduce this selection of Corner Cube Prisms or retroreflectors from our portfolio.
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Explore Precision Optics with Corner Cube Prisms

At Chineselens Optics, we provide an impressive collection of Corner Cube Prisms designed to deliver outstanding beam reflection while maintaining precise alignment across optical systems. These precision optics feature accurate beam reflection rates as well as versatile applications, customizable features and an upscale design to bring precision optics into everyday applications.

Key Features

  • Precise Beam Reflection: Guarantee precise alignment and parallelism within optical systems.
  • Versatile Applications: From interferometers to laser systems, Corner Cube Prisms excel across industries.
  • Customizable Options: Select among different dimensions, coatings and materials to meet specific requirements.
  • High-Quality Designs: Crafted for precision and reliability to deliver consistent performance over time.
corner cube prism

Accuracy Improvement

Get more accurate measurements using Corner Cube Prism's retroreflective properties to achieve precise measurements.

Improve System Performance

For maximum system functionality, ensure light beam integrity and direction is kept intact and in the optimal direction for system functionality.

Versatile Applications

Ideal for imaging, laser applications, optical metrology and more.

Customizable Solutions

Corner Cube Prisms can be customized to meet specific industry requirements, offering customizable solutions.


Why Should You Purchase Our Corner Cube Prisms

By opting for our Corner Cube Prisms, you can increase measurement accuracy, boost system performance and explore a host of applications ranging from laser rangefinders and spectroscopy to interferometry and laser interferometry – these retroreflectors ensure reliable beam alignment that contributes to project success!


Laser Rangefinders

This reliable laser rangefinder allows accurate distance measurements with reliable beam reflection technology.


Enhance light collection and optimize spectrometer performance with enhanced Spectroscopy.


Interferometry guarantees accurate alignment for distance measurement and surface analysis.

Imaging Systems

Imaging Systems for Target Tracking and Remote Sensing Improve target tracking and remote sensing capabilities with accurate beam alignment capabilities.

Below are a selection of application products we have manufactured for customers.

Corner cube prisms can be ordered or customized through us; alternatively you may also purchase them directly.

l shaped double sided small prism
L-shaped Double-sided Small Prism
single head prism
Single-head Prism
360° total station prism
360° Total Station Prism
102 center bubble prism
102 Center Bubble Prism
45° angle double sided prism
45°Angle Double-sided Prism
m mini prism
M Mini Prism
triple prism
Triple Prism
360° universal prism
360° Universal Prism
monocular prism
Monocular Prism


What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it – hear from some of our satisfied clients like John D, an Laser Technology Researcher who experienced significant improvements with laser resonance cavities; or Sarah L, an Optical Metrology Engineer who experienced extraordinary accuracy and performance during interferometry applications.

Corner Cube Prisms have enabled us to improve the laser resonance cavities significantly with unrivaled precision and reliability.
John D.
Laser Technology Researcher
Laser Technology Researchers Corner Cube Prisms from Chineselens Optics have revolutionized interferometry applications with exceptional accuracy and performance.
Sarah L.
Optical Metrology Engineer

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Check out our comprehensive guide on corner cube prisms (also referred to as retroreflectors). Here, we discuss their use in imaging, lasers and measuring light; these prisms play an essential part of imaging as well as measuring light measurements – let’s learn more about what makes them tick and their many applications across many fields!

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Corner Cube Prism Specifications

MaterialH-K9L / JGS1
Diameter6mm to 100mm
Height5mm to 60mm
Surface Quality60/40
Angle Tolerance2" to 8"

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