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Glass Grinding & Cutting Services

Chineselens Optics is an industry leader in glass and optical machining services that cater to a wide variety of customer requirements. No matter if you need simple glass cutting or complex component fabrication, we have the skills and tools necessary to produce outstanding results.

Precision Glass & Optical Machining Solutions

Our capabilities range from cutting basic shapes to cylindrical grinding with tolerances as tight as 0.01mm (±0.00039in). One-off custom projects are just as welcome as contract production runs – whatever it takes to meet your needs!

Wide Material Compatibility Range

We work with many types of materials including:

Optical glasses – technical glasses – rods/tubes/optical components – fused silica/quartz – BK7/borosilicate/sapphire/silicon – filters/mirrors/lenses/float glass – alumina/ceramics/ferrites/macor

Sophisticated Machines at Your Service

We can do all this using our extensive machine capacities:

  • CNC Surface Grinding: Can achieve surface finish of 50 microns (±0.00197in) with grinding tolerance ±0.05.
  • CNC Diamond Sawing: Cut squares and rectangles from various sheet glasses up to 100mm deep (±3.937in), tolerance ±0.20mm (±0.00787in).
  • Annular ID Sawing: Slice substrates, wafers, and components of up to 100mm diameter (±3.937in), keeping tolerance ±0.05mm (±0.00197in).
  • Cylindrical Grinding: Grind ODs on rods/tubes/filter stack edges between 5mm and 250mm diameter (0.19685in to 9.84252in), tolerance ±0.01mm (±0.00039in).
  • Waterjet Cutting: Create intricate shapes, glass rings, cut technical sheets/glasses, tolerance ±0.10mm (±0.00394in).
  • Glass Scribing: Use scribe & break process with ultra-thin glass/coated glass sheets, tolerance ±0.1mm (±0.00394in). Additional services like bevelling can be added.
  • Bevelling and Chamfering: Ensure uniform size and angle on sharp edges/corners for better housing compatibility/operator protection/component safety.
  • Glass Drilling: Drill diamond holes/cylinders/discs as small as 2mm diameter (±0.07874in). For smaller sizes we recommend laser or ultrasonic drilling, tolerance ±0.05mm (±0.00197in).
  • Milling: Create cut-outs/strips/recesses around edges of squares/rectangles, tolerance ±0.05mm (±0.00197in).
  • Diffusing & Sand Blasting: Alter surface characteristics with fine alumina or grinding grit in various grades from 10 to 100 microns.

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