What are dichroic mirrors(filters)?

What are dichroic mirrors(filters)?

Dichroic filter is a very accurate color filter used to selectively reflect other colors through a small range of light. In contrast, dichroic mirrors tend to be characterized by the color of the light reflected rather than the color of the light passing through.

dichroic filter

Why does a piece of glass sometimes appear different colors when viewed from different angles?

This is actually an optically coated glass. This kind of glass has its unique name is dichromatic mirror, also called the light mirror, beam splitter mirror. Each color of the light visible to our naked eyes has a certain wave band. This effect can be achieved by optical coating to absorb or reflect the light of a certain color or a certain wave band.

Combine light mirror, also called laser beam synthesis mirror. Common stage laser lamps, laser beam splitter, laser beam synthesis mirror, RGB light mirror, laser beam splitter mirror. Such coated glass in the laser line incidence Angle is 45 degrees, through the time, high penetration rate (penetration is more than 97%), high reflection efficiency (reflection is more than 99%), small absorption, small color, laser loss, color clear does not produce stray light, no film surface points (positive and negative effects are the same).

dichroic mirror light

Laser beam splitting/blending mirror has the following kinds

Dichromatic mirror is developed based on fluorescence imaging. Its main optical parameters achieve high reflection in the band of 500-580nm and high transmittance in the band of 605nm-750nm. The designed incidence is 45° and the transition band between high reflection and high transmittance is small, which is suitable for most applications requiring fluorescence detection.

There are three kinds of dichromatic mirrors from our company, please check the information below,

dichroic mirror

What is the manufacturing the process of dichroic mirrors?

  1. cutting 
  2. surface polishing
  3. ultrasonic cleaning
  4. vacuum coating
  5. spectral data testing
  6. ultrasonic cleaning again
  7. cutting to size
  8. inspecting
  9. packing

What are the applications of dichroic mirrors?

  1. fluorescence microscope
  2. fluorescence detector
  3. PCR analyzer
  4. microplate reader
  5. stage lamp
  6. optical instrument beam splitting
  7. micro projector
  8. laser lamp
  9. sensing system
  10. video glasses
  11. optical equipment
  12. detection equipment, etc.

5 main manufacturers of dichroic mirrors (filters)

  1. Edmund optics
  2. Chineselens
  3. Newport
  4. Thorlabs
  5. Optosigma

What is the advantage of dichroic filters(mirrors)?

Dichroic filters have a longer life span than traditional filters. Colour is inherent in the construction of hard microscopic layers and cannot be “bleached” throughout the life of the filter (unlike gel filters, for example). They can be manufactured to pass through any passband frequency and block a selected number of stopband frequencies. Because the light in the stopband is reflected rather than absorbed, dichroic filters use much less heat than conventional filters. Dichromatic mirrors are capable of achieving extremely high laser damage thresholds and are used in all mirrors on the world’s most powerful laser.

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