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We are experts in producing high-quality optical filters employed across numerous industries and applications. We offer the flexibility needed to provide a broad selection of wavelength, size, shape and thickness, and surface quality for production optical filter volumes from hundreds to hundreds of thousands per customer each year.

Filtri ottici

Optical Filters are used for selectively allowing the passage of some wavelengths or blocking all other wavelengths. They have applications in spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, medical diagnostics or machine vision inspections. For instance, they are perfect for life sciences ,imaging and defense and industries .Chineselens Optics has a variety of Optical Filters that can be used across wide applications including their bandpass interference, notch ,edge,dichroic,color substrat eand ND. Furthermore high optical densities require hard coatings of high durability which Chineselens Optics offers.

Bandpass Interference Filters allow a specific wavelength through while blocking other parts of the spectrum. On the contrary Notch Filters block out certain part of a particular spectrum but allows other wave-lengths to get through. The Edge or Dichroic filters will permit either long-pass or short-pass wavelengths depending on whether they fall beyond the cut-on/Cut-off zones at length. Material absorption and transmission properties are exploited by Color Substrate Filters while ND Filters reduce transmission uniformly across some region of the spectrum where light is passing through one bit from another.

Categoria Filtri ottici

bandpass filter

Bandpass Filters

In essence, these filters let particular wavelengths pass while blocking others. They find applications in a variety of fluorescence microscopy and wireless communication systems.

filtri a banda stretta

Narrowband Filters

These refer specifically to band pass filters that select only a narrow range of wavelengths for transmission. Commonly used in communication systems and laser applications where specific frequencies have to be singled out.

long pass filters

Longpass Filters

The shorter waves are stopped by the region on the other side of their cut-on point which transmits the longer ones. This is common in imaging and spectroscopy systems where it is desired to isolate a certain wavelength range.

short pass filter

Shortpass Filters

Instead this can be achieved through short wave lengths going past their cut off point but not beyond it hence blocks everything else away from it . It is usually found in many optical systems for spectral content control purposes

neutral density filter

Neutral Density(ND) Filters

These are light controlling devices which uniformly decrease the amount of light across defined wavelengths ranges without altering its color properties. For instance these filters are commonly employed in photography and measurement of illumination levels so as to manage illuminance.

notch filter

Notch Filters

Some particular wavelength or a group of them are blocked while transmitting all others by these types of filter devices.Its use is normally associated with optical communications and laser systems where unnecessary spectrum’s need elimination

ir filter

IR Filters

Infrared filters are also known as these transmit infrared light and block the rest of the spectrum. They are used in a variety of applications, including thermal imaging, night vision, and IR spectroscopy.

color filters

Color Filters

These filters allow certain colors to pass through while blocking others. Photography and stage lighting employ them frequently to produce diverse color effects.

filtro dicroico

Dichroic Filters

Often, they have been used in scientific instruments such as color display systems and stage lighting because they can split the light into different colors. Consequently, lots of wavelengths pass through these filters since some get reflected back.

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filtri ottici personalizzati

Filtri ottici personalizzati

At Chineselens Optics we make optical filters that fit your needs perfectly and offer a comprehensive array of solutions for managing distinct light wavelengths within UV-VIS-NIR spectrum. Numerous areas benefit from our optical filters across industry such as medical imaging, aerospace, defense, life sciences etc. Some examples include clinical chemistry where it is routinely employed as well as applications like machine vision inspection and fluorescence microscopy among others.

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