Project Description

Precision Plano Convex Lens

precision PCX lens 2
precision PCX lens 3
precision PCX lens
  • Easy oem integration
  • Antireflection membrane options include UV, VIS, NIR, and Swir. Germanium, silicon or zinc selenide substrates are suitable for infrared applications and fused quartz for ultraviolet applications

A plano-convex Lens (PCX) with a positive focal length is ideal for focusing parallel rays to a single point. For Infinite and finite conjugate applications, they have a nearly optimal profile. A plano-convex Lens can focus the collimated beam on the rear focus, and also can change the point light source into collimated beam.

Because of the asymmetry of the front and back surfaces of the plano-convex Lens, the spherical aberration can be reduced effectively, especially in the application where the object-image distance is not equal. Ideal for gathering and concentrating light in imaging applications, but also for a variety of applications involving scattering, detection, lasers and fiber optics. The convex surface of the lens should be placed in the direction of the object.

Our plano convex lenses are usually made of H-K9L glass, their antireflection coating is aimed at the wavelength range of 400-700nm. When the UV quartz is used as the substrate, it has good transmittance and low expansion coefficient in the UV region, and can be coated with UV AR film for special use.

Product Overview

Size φ4×2.0mm
Effective focal length 5.50mm
Center thickness 2.00mm
Edge thickness 0.90mm
Substrate H-K9L
Coating 808nm

More Details

Precision Plano Convex Lens, size(mm) and coating could be customized

Model No. Diameter(mm) Focal length(mm) Center thickness(mm) Curvature radius
DG004055 4.00 5.50 2.00 2.375
DG008023 8.90 23.80 1.83 12.30
DG012011 12.00 11.98 4.00 9.40
DG018029 18.00 29.95 5.00 15.28
DG025045 25.20 45.40 6.00 23.46
DG032098 32.00 98.74 4.00 50.98
DG040500 40.00 500.00 5.00 258.40
DG062216 62.00 216.40 9.00 163.40
DG100318 100.00 318.30 15.00 164.30

PCX lens technical image

  • Substrate: H-K9L
  • Design Wavelength: 635nm, 520nm, 786nm, 530nm, 800nm, 655nm
  • Focal Tolerance: ±1%
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm
  • Surface precision(PV) <0.2μm
  • Surface quality: 60-40, 40-20
  • Centering(Beam diviation): <90°
  • Coating:  Multiple antireflection coating,  A:400-700nm, B:450-650nm, C:515-550nm, D:610-660nm

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