Plano concave lens, N-BK7, 350 nm-2 μm

  • Optical material: N-BK7, N-SF11, Fused Silica, CaF2
  • Working wavelength: 350 nm-2 μm
  • Usage: imaging, beam expanding or beam shrinking

The plane concave lens has a concave side and a plane side with a negative focal length. which is usually used for beam alignment, increase (decrease) focal length or expand and zoom out of images. In order to get smaller spherical aberration, when the incident beam is collimated, the collimated beam should be incident to the concave surface of the plano-concave lens.

Plano concave lenses are usually made of several materials, N-BK7, N-SF11, ultraviolet fused silica, and CaF2, of which N-SF11 is often used to make lenses with smaller focal length, uV fused silica has a good transmittance and low coefficient of thermal expansion in the UV band, CaF2 has a very high damage threshold and chemical inertness.

  • Optical material: N-BK7, N-BK7, N-SF11, Fused Silica, CaF2
  • Working Wavelength: 350 nm-2 μm
  • Surface quality 40/20
  • Working Wavelength: 587.6nm
  • Degree of eccentricity ≤3 arcmin
  •  Focal tolerance: ±1%
  • Optical lenses
  • Prisms
  • Windows
  • Laser lenses
  • Specular mirrors
  • Metal coating mirrors
  • Cylinder mirrors
  • Octahedral rotary mirrors
  • Medium broadband mirror
  • Spike filter
  •  Infrared optical lenses( Silicon, Germanium, Zinc selenium etc)

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