Project Description

Fresnel Lens Round Glass Spotlight

fresnel lens 1
fresnel lens 2
  • Reduce Spherical Aberration
  • Focus light better

Fresnel lens consists of a plane of concentric circles. Each step is the surface of an ordinary lens that acts as a refracting surface, like a prism. Fresnel lenses have the same common focal length as traditional lenses, but are thinner, So only a small amount of light is lost, and although the quality of the image is poor, it works well in concentrating and photo systems for collimating and collecting light.

Fresnel Lens is a widely used optical element used in many fields:

  • Projection display
  • Spotlight energy
  • Aviation and navigation
  • Science and technology research
  • Infrared detection
  • Lighting optics
  • Smart home

Product Overview

Diameter 175mm
Effective focal length 140mm
Back focal length 120mm
Center thickness 4mm
Edge thickness 7mm
Substrate Borosilicate
Surface quality 100/60
Coating Customized

More Details

Fresnel lens round glass spotlight, size(mm) and coating could be customized

Model No. Substrate Diameter Focal length Surface quality
DG193290 Borosilicate 50mm 50mm 100/60
DG193291 Borosilicate 80mm 50mm 100/60
DG193292 Borosilicate 112mm 110mm 100/60
DG193293 Borosilicate 120mm 120mm 100/60
DG193294 Borosilicate 130mm 110mm 100/60
DG193295 Borosilicate 150mm 110mm 100/60
DG193296 Borosilicate 175mm 120mm 100/60
DG193297 Borosilicate 200mm 140mm 100/60
DG193298 Borosilicate 250mm 250mm 100/60
DG193299 Borosilicate 300mm 250mm 100/60


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