Project Description

Double-convex Lens

DCX lens 1
DCX lens 2
DCX lens 3
  • Easy oem integration
  • Customization of diameters, focal lengths and coatings

A double-convex(DCX) lens is a biconvex Lens, which comprises an incident surface and an exit surface. The DCX lens is characterized in that the focal length of the middle part of the lens surface is longer, and the focal length of the end part of each lens surface is shorter. The DCX lens is mainly used to focus the light from the point source or transfer the image to other optical system.

Product Overview

Size φ10X2.05mm
Center thickness 2.05mm
Radius of curvature 39.331mm
Substrate H-K9L
Surface quality 60-40
Coating 400-700nm

More Details

Double convex lens, size(mm) and coating could be customized

Model No. Size Curvature Radius
DG06430 φ6*2.5mm R25.783 R155.89
DG88350 φ8*2.5mm R6.2 R50
DG80000 φ8*2.87mm R11.02 R16.91
DG15500 φ15.5*4mm R19.8 R19.8
DG20000 φ20*5.2mm R15 R70
DG22700 φ22*6.5mm R15 R25
DG56000 φ56*6.32mm R156.17 R602.29

DCX lens technical image

  • Substrate: H-K9L, N-BK7, N-SF11, N-SF5, N-LASF44
  • Diameter: 3-56mm
  • Surface quality: 60-40
  • Coating:  400-700nm

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