Achromatic lens, 400-700nm

  • High-precision design and processing to meet a variety of needs
  • Working Wavelength: 400nm-700nm
  • Focal length offset little for different wavelength

Achromatic lens is far superior to that of a single lens, which is suitable for demand of imaging and beam control needs.

For different coating, we have chosen three kind of typical wavelength to design lenses, for 400-700 nm, we choose 486.1nm, 587.6nm, and 656.3nm; For 700-1100nm, we choose 706.5nm, 855nm and 1015nm; For 1100-1650 nm, we choose 1016nm, 1330nm and 1550nm. The focal length offset can be maintained less than 0.5 mm within the design bandwidth.

  • Coating: Ravg<0.5%a@400 nm-700 nm
  • Central thickness tolerance ±0.1 mm
  • Surface quality 40/20
  • Diameter Tolerance: ±0.100mm
  • Design Wavelength: 486.1 nm,587.6 nm,656.3 nm
  •  Focal tolerance: ±1%
  • Optical lenses
  • Prisms
  • Windows
  • Laser lenses
  • Specular mirrors
  • Metal coating mirrors
  • Cylinder mirrors
  • Octahedral rotary mirrors
  • Medium broadband mirror
  • Spike filter
  •  Infrared optical lenses( Silicon, Germanium, Zinc selenium etc)

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