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Plano Concave Lens

plano concace lens schematic diagram

  • Plano concave lens material: N-BK7
  • Operating Wavelength: 350nm-2μm (uncoated)
  • Usage: imaging, beam expanding or beam shrinking

The plano concave lens has a concave surface and a plane surface and a negative focal length. Usually used for beam alignment, increase (decrease) focal length or enlarge (decrease) image. In order to get smaller spherical aberration, when the incident beam is collimated, the collimated beam should be incident to the concave surface of the lens. N-bk7 is the most common lens material, mostly used in visible light and near infrared applications. In addition to the N-BK7 plano-concave lenses, DG optoelectronics also offers N-SF11, ultraviolet fused quartz and calcium fluoride plano-concave lenses, DG optoelectronics offers uncoated  lens with wavelength 400-700nm, 700-1100nm, 1100-1650nm . Our lens are fine processing, strict quality control, which ensure a reasonable price for users and provide high-end lens products.

plano concace lens curves

plano concace lens application

General parameter

Optical material N-BK7
Working Wavelength 350 nm-2 μm
Design Wavelength 587.6nm
Curved local aperture 0.5
Surface quality 40/20
Centering 3″
Focal tolerance ±1%
Surface precision λ/2 
Curved aperture 3

Plano Concave Lens, BK7, uncoating, 350nm-2μm

Model No. Diameter(mm) Focal Length(mm)
DG0024 6.0 -24.0
DG0305 12.7 -25.0
DG0307 12.7 -30.0
DG0310 12.4 -50.0
DG0610 25.4 -50.0
DG0612 25.4 -75.0
DG0613 25.4 -100.0

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