Plano concave lens N-BK7



Focal length tolerance


Surface quality


Surface flatness(@633 nm)



≤3 arcmin

Design wavelength

587.6 nm

Working wavelength

350 nm-2 μm

  • 12.70mm
  • 25.40mm
  • -100.00mm
  • -25.00mm
  • -30.00mm
  • -50.00mm

Details about Plano concave lens N-BK7


plano concave lens detail


  • Material: N-BK7
  • Working wavelength: 350 nm-2 μm
  • Usage: Imaging, beam expanding or beam contracting

A plane concave lens has a concave side and a plane-side with a negative focal length. Usually used to collimate a beam, increase (decrease) the focal length, or enlarge (decrease) the image. In order to get less spherical aberration, when it is a collimation beam, that should be incident on the concave side of the plane concave lens.

Our plane concave lens with negative focal length is often used in imaging or beam collimation applications, which is made from n-bk7 glass that conforms to the RoHS standard. N-bk7 is the most commonly used material for high-quality optical elements, mostly for visible light and near-infrared applications.

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