Half-ball lens


BK7, Borosilicate, Fused Silica, Sapphire, CaF2, ZnSe, Ruby



Surface quality

40/20, 20/10, 10/5

Radius of curvature


Dia tolerace

0.01, 0.001


3 arc min

Ceter thickness tolerance

±0.01, ±0.1

Clear aperture


Details about Half-ball lens

A half-ball lens is actually a plane convex lens without an edge. A plane convex lens can focus a collimating beam onto the back focal point or turn a point light source into a collimating beam. Such lenses are used to focus parallel light, or to convert point sources into parallel light. Choose the right material, pay attention to material, bubbles, impurities, uniformity. During grinding, no scratches or indentations are allowed, allowing for interference light.

hemispherical lens detail picture


  • Fibre optic connector
  • Ball check valve
  • LED encapsulating
  • Bar code scanner
  • Parallel photogeneration

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