Glass rod lens


N-BK7,H-K9L,Sapphire,Fused Silica(JGS1),Caf2,ZnSe,Si,Ge,etc.


1mm to 500mm

Surface quality

80-50 to 10/5

Focal length tolerace



≤3 arcmin

Clear aperture



Single Mag2, Multiple Layers AR Coating
D: Customer Design

Details about Glass rod lens

cylinder lens detail

Glass rod lens has a linear focus and a positive focal length. All kinds of aberration can be eliminated when used at the unit conjugate point. Choose your materials wisely, paying attention to texture, bubbles, impurities, and uniformity. For interference light, no scratches are produced during grinding. The two sides of the cylinder can be polished with an abrasive solution.


  • Bar code scanner
  • Parallel photogeneration
  • Projection optical system
  • Laser measuring system
  • Linear imaging, linear photo light guide

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