Glass ball lens


BK7, Borosilicate, Fused Silica, Sapphire, CaF2, ZnSe, Ruby



Surface quality

40/20, 20/10, 10/5

Radius of curvature


Dia tolerace

0.01, 0.001


3 arc min

Ceter thickness tolerance

±0.01, ±0.1

Clear aperture


Details about Glass ball lens

Glass ball lenses are widely used for coupling fiber and semiconductor lasers, or photodetectors.  It’s much smaller than a normal lens, and it’s completely polished, so be careful when using it. But it can reduce the size and weight of the device. With a positive focal length, used at the unit conjugate point, can eliminate all kinds of aberration.

ball lens detail


  • Fiber optic connector
  • Ball check valve
  • LED encapsulating
  • Bar code scanner
  • Parallel photogeneration

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