CMOS camera lens


53 mm*29 mm*29 mm

Shell material

6061 – T6 aluminum alloy

Applicable band

400 nm-900 nm


Details about CMOS camera lens


  • The data transfer interface type is GigE
  • Camera resolutions range from 40W to 2000W pixels
  • Select the high-end material, with small size, easy to carry, strong and vibration resistance, heat dissipation, stability, electromagnetic shielding and other advantages
  • C Mount optical interface for easy integration into 30 mm coaxial system

The data transmission interface type of CMOS camera is GigE, which complies with the GigE Vision 2.1 protocol and supports POE power supply. The camera USES high pixel, high frame rate CMOS chip, camera resolution range from 40W to 2000W pixel. The shape is designed by Omron Sentech of Japan, and all the parts are made of high-end materials, which have the advantages of small size, easy to carry, good firmness and vibration resistance, good heat dissipation, good stability, electromagnetic shielding and so on. The input port is C Mount optical interface, which is easy to integrate into the 30 mm coaxial system. For installation and positioning, all four sides of the camera can be used as the installation and positioning surfaces.

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