Custom optical prisms

optical glass prism
optical prism

A prism can be used to turn light at a particular Angle. A prism can not only deflect light, it can also adjust the direction of the image. The design of a prism will determine how it interacts with light. When light enters a prism, it is reflected on a single or multiple surface before coming out, or it is refracted as it passes through the substrate. For example, when light is incident to the rectangular prism, the light will be reflected in the surface of a rectangular prism, and then to a 90 ° turn. However, when light enters a wedge prism, the change in substrate thickness causes the light to deflect through refraction.

Custom Range

DG optoelectronics offers a variety of designs, substrates or coated prisms.Prism design includes rectangular, armisian ridge, pentagonal, Schmitt, wedge, deformed, equilateral, dowell, or rhombic prism.In addition, we also provide a pyramid prism reflector, or homogenized columnar homogenizer. While the optional coating including MgF2, UV – VIS, UV – AR, VIS 0 °, VIS NIR or multiple laser line option.

Optical prisms specifications

Dimensions 10-200mm
Dimensional tolerance ±0.05-±0.1mm
Irregularity(PV) Δ0.3-Δ1
Pyramidal accuracy ±3 arcmin, ±1 arcmin, ±5 arcsec
Bevel(Face width@45°) ±0.05-±0.1mm
Surface quality 5-60
Angel accuracy ±3 arcmin, ±30 arcsec, ±1 arcsec

Custom optical prism coating capabilities

Substrates All glass types
Spectral ranges 300-3000nm
Spectral edge tolerance <1% deviation, <0.2% special cases
Reflection 0.1-99.9%
Polarisation(S:P) 10000:1
Bandwidth 1nm-broadband
AR coating transmission >99%
Laser damage threshold Up to 20J/cm²@20ns pulses
Durability MIL-STD-810F, section 507.4; MIC-C-48497A, section 3.4.1