Custom optical windows

With the rapid development of modern intelligent system, more and more to the requirement of optical windows are becoming more and more high, the optical window filter as one of the important components, applications can involve various aspects, such as: smart home system, biometric systems, intelligent robot parts, laser bar code scanning, infrared remote control, medical equipment display window, UV camera lens, and so on.

Custom Range
DG optoelectronics can offer K9, B270, high borosilicate and quartz substrate, such AS sapphire substrate, can according to customer’s requirements and plating AR, AF, AS membrane, coloured optical glass material, after optical processing and vacuum coating on the surface of the product with a specific spectral characteristics, the main products are red yellow filter, filter and green filter, infrared, violet, blue filter, filter and filter, and other varieties.

Product features: as window protection, it will not lose light energy, improve transmission rate, increase hardness, reduce reflection and increase surface smoothness.

The advantages of glass optical window: increase the transmittance of single point or broad frequency, the coating on both sides can reach more than 98%, reduce the loss of light energy, reduce reflection and avoid imaging double shadow.

Optical windows specifications:
SubstratesAll glass types
Spectral ranges300-3000nm
Spectral edge tolerance<1% deviation, <0.2% special cases
AR Coating reflectivity>0.3% (absolute); <0.2% (average)
Laser damage thresholdUp to 20J/cm2@20ns pulses
DurabilityMIL-STD-810F, section 507.4; MIC-C-48497A, section 3.4.1
Custom optical windows coating capabilities:
Dimensional tolerance0/-0.02, 0/-0.015, 0/-0.001
Thickness Tolerance±0.1, ±0.01
Surface SagRa: 0.001, Ra:0.0002
Irregularity (P – V)ΔN=1, ΔN=0.5, ΔN=0.3
Surface quality60-40, 20-10, 10-5