Custom optical lenses

DG Optoelectronics has Germany CNC mill, CNC polishing machine, Japan high-speed polishing machine, high precision edge grinding machine to produce high precision flat convex lens, plano concave lens, double convex lens, double concave lens, positive and negative crescent lens, double gluing achromatic lens, triple gluing lens. DG optics can not only produce lens of various optical glass, various gluing lenses, but also produce high-precision spherical lens of various artificial crystal base materials.

Custom Range
Our product line is very rich, including spherical lens, achromatic lens, aspherical lens and cylindrical lens, which can be coated on the surface or without coating. Optical lenses have a variety of bases, including n-bk7, uv-class fused quartz, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, zinc selenide, germanium and silicon. In addition, DG optics also provides cone and air space binoculars.

    The optical cold processing industry mainly produces optical components, providing lenses, lenses and other optical components for the downstream industries such as optical instruments, optoelectronic image information processing products, etc, which is in the middle of the production of semi-finished products. The rationality of optical cold processing technology has a significant effect on the quality and efficiency of products.
    Optical glass lens moulding technology is a kind of high-precision optical component processing technology. It is to put the softened glass into high-precision molds. Under the condition of warm pressure and anaerobic condition, the optical parts that meet the requirements of use are directly moulded out at one time.
Custom manufacturing capabilities
Spherical optical lens
ProjectSmall and medium-sized sphericalLarge spherical
MaterialOptical glass, quartz, crystalOptical glass, quartz, crystal
Radius of curvature(mm)R3~R∞R65~R∞
OD TOL(mm)±0.005~±0.05±0.01~±0.2
Thickness tolerance(mm)±0.01~±0.1±0.01~±0.15
Surface quality10/5~80/5010/5~80/50
Surface precisionλ/10~2.5λλ/4~2λ@Ф200mm
Centering(Beam deviation)10″~5’(or Δt≤0.01)30″~5’(or Δt≤0.02)
Aspherical optical lens
Materialoptic glass, quartz, crystal, infrared material etc.
OD TOL(mm)±0.01~±0.2
Thickness tolerance(mm)±0.01~±0.1
Surface quality10/5~80/50
Surface precision(PV)0.1-1μm
Centering(Beam diviation)30″~5′(Δt≤0.02)