Optics machine

optical manufacturing plant 1
optical manufacturing plant 2
optical manufacturing plant 3

DG optoelectronics has international advanced modern production equipment and testing instruments, production equipment include:

  • Germany Satisloh aspherical CNC milling and polishing machine 2 units,
  • Optotech spherical mirror CNC milling and light machine 6 sets,
  • imported CNC milling machine 2 sets,
  • toric mirror polishing machine 12 units,
  • Japanese spherical mirror 2 CNC milling machines,
  • 16 sets of polishing machine,
  • 2 sets of cylindrical lens  CNC milling machines,
  • more than 30 set of polishing machine,

for the production of high precision, large diameter products company has independent research and development production of the 35 sets of CNC milling and polishing equipment.Coating equipment includes:

  • 1 Leybold 900mm film plating machine in Germany,
  • 1 LP 1100mm and 1350mm film plating machine,
  • 1 ULVAC sputtering film plating machine made in Japan,
  • 4 sets of 800mm, 900mm and 1100mm film plating machine.

In total, the company has more than 200 production and processing equipment.