Custom glass optical domes

Optical glass cover
optic dome cover

The optical domes are ideal for commercial applications where a protective layer is needed between the two interfaces. These glass sphere covers are similar in function to window sheets and can be used to protect the electronic sensor or detector without blocking the line of sight. Our glass dome is designed to be semicircular, so it’s very easy to install directly on any surface.

Custom Range

  • The BK7 dome lens cover is mainly used for meteorological applications. BK7 provides excellent transmission from 300 nm to 2 nm. BK7 is a relatively hard material with excellent chemical durability.

  • Uv-fused quartz glass dome lens cover : DG optics provides a series of uv-fused quartz domes suitable for working in a deeper ultraviolet range. Fused silica domes are commonly used in underwater applications at very high pressures.

  • Sapphire dome lens cover: for infrared applications, we can provide sapphire dome.Sapphire is an extremely hard material to propagate in 2-5 m over 80% of the wavelength range. Like molten silica, the sapphire can withstand extreme pressure and is the perfect material for use in underwater cameras and missile fairing.

Glass optical domes specifications

Material Optical glass N-BK7 , H-K9L, UV Fused Silica, Sapphire, IR crystal
Diameter 5mm-150mm, 150-300mm
Diameter Tolerance ±0.1mm
Thickness >2mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2~0.1mm
Center Deviation 3′-5′
Surface Accuracy 1L 1/2L 1/4L or According to size
Surface quality 80/50 60/40
Chamfers 0.2 x 45° typical
Coating Both side Antireflection Coatings