Custom beam splitters

The wide-band polarization beam-splitting cube is composed of two right-angle prisms. The prism with black dots on the top shows that the inclined plane is coated with a dielectric polarization beam splitter, which can reflect s-polarized light and pass through p-polarized light. In order to achieve the best polarization performance, it is suggested that the incident light should be incident from the right-angle side of the prism coated with polarizing beam splitter. We use the N-SF1 material to make polarization beam-splitting cubic of various sizes. Four kinds of antireflection films, 420nm-680nm, 620nm-1000nm, 900nm-1300nm and 1200nm-1600nm, are available.

Custom beam splitters specifications:
Optical materialN-SF1
CoatingRavg <0.5%@420 nm-680 nm, Tp>90%,Rs >99.5% The antireflection coating: Ravg 0.5%@420nm-680nm (6 Incident Angle) ; spectrographic coating: TP 90% , RS 99.5%
Surface quality40/20
Working Wavelength420 nm-680 nm
Extinction ratio>1000:1
Transmitted wavefront differenceλ/4